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Some Hadith/Quranic sources to keep us going:

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Article written by: ~me~


Some Hadith/Quranic sources to keep us going:


In regards to fear:

"Allah does not look at your body and face; rather he looks at your heart"[at-tirmidhi]


This hadith clearly states we are all sinners so we should constantly repent regardless of our piety:

Tirmithi, Ibn Maja and ad-Darimi

It is recorded that Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi was sallam) once said: "Every son of Adam is a sinner, and the best of sinners are those who repent constantly" (quoted in Karim's Mishkatul-Masabih, Vol. 3, p. 360).


As Muslims we seek piety in all we do to seek motivation and improve our Iman for the future for ourselves and our children.

Hadith Al-Bukhari - Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "A woman is married for four things, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be losers.


Is it wrong to love someone so much that the intention for it is based upon strong Iman for you both as well as the future successes?


The prophet (saw) once said: None of you will taste the sweetness of Iman until you love a person only for Allah's (swt) sake


This allows us to discuss the difference between a pious person and a person wants to be pious... so the question remains can one (wife) be more pious than the other (husband)?


Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi was sallam) said, "A woman is normally sought as a wife for her wealth, beauty, nobility, or religiousness (adherence to Islam), so choose a religious woman and you will prosper." (Muslim)


"The whole world is a provision, and the best object of benefit of the world is the pious woman. (Muslim)


Even for women there is a hadith:

The same holds true when looking for a husband, as Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi was sallam) said, "When someone with whose religion and character you are satisfied, asks to marry your daughter, comply with his request. If you do not do so, there will be corruption and great evil on earth." (Tirmidhi)


My MAIN aim of this isnt just about a man who seeks the piety of a woman... but also how that piity is used to upbring children into this world, so my response is:


...my imagination takes me to jannah and where I see her so happy and amazing and being there with her feels special and a sense of inspiration and love for the children of the future who will take our place...


Thats what I feel inside when asked for my intention of what I seek ^


Upbringing of children into Islam:

Every child has the right of Islamic education and being taught good manners upon their parents. This in turn will ensure that they lead a proper Islamic life and be saved from the hardships of this world and the Hereafter. The Quran says: "O you who believe, save yourself and your family from a fire, the fuel of which is men and stones". (Surah at-Tahrim)

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Eid Sa'eed and Wa Iyyakum!


  • On the Day of Eid the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) used to return (after offering the Eid prayer) through a way different from that by which he went. (Al-Bukhaari)
  • Allah the Almighty has said: "O Son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O Son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the Earth and were you to then face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring forgiveness nearly as great as it."

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ALLAH is the great... he knows everything. he know and manage each of us, note down our deeds. we just can't imagine his powers and greatness. May ALLAH bless us all.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

it is indeed as said by ahmed farhan above... that "when one obeys Allah, one [performs] Islam". And I wish to add to that by saying that the path to reach Allah Ta'ala is by following the Chosen One, al-Mustafa, the Noble Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam.


It is based on this that he, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said:-- "ALL OF MY COMMUNITY WILL ENTER PARADISE EXCEPT THOSE WHO REFUSE." It was asked, "O Messenger of Allah, who refuses?" He said, "WHOEVER OBEYS ME WILL ENTER HEAVEN. WHOEVER DISOBEYS ME HAS REFUSED." [bukhari, Vol.6].

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