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My Dear Darling

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My Dear Darling


My Dear Darling,

I sense that you long for my heart,

But I must disappoint you -

For this heart longs for its creator,

For it is truly His.


My Dear Darling,

Your pleasure is so addictive,

But it is incomparable to my Creator's pleasure,

For if I compared it

I would become an apostate and be banished forever.


My Dear Darling,

If I hold you and whisper my promises to you

Keep in mind that my words are only just,

For my heart beats...

My heart beat's because of His love.


My Dear Darling,

I allow you to come close to me,

Have me for my temporary stay;

I'll take pride and feel blessed.

But don't expect me to remember

Your name when I see His face.


My Dear Darling,

Oh my Dear Darling!

Please accept my apologies in advance,

For I have dedicated my life to His love

From the mere moment that I was created.



4th October 2009

© 2009 - Tahir Rashid - All Rights Reserved.


For more poetry by Tahir Rashid please click here.

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This is the inspiration for the above poem, and the object of T's affections.


Haha, where did you get that idea from? :P

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