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^ :lol:


According to my mom, they wouldn't say Aang (as the cartoon version) if they were Asians. They'd say it as they've pronounced it in the movie (which I haven't seen still). Perhaps that consideration can be given but Night should have played it safe and stuck with how the anime represents the characters, including their names. Surely he knew most of the people coming to see the movie would be fans of the original cartoon.


Would he still attempt to make a trilogy? :hmm:


after watchin the first, lookin at the reviews.. no fan would wanna see a sequel :lol:

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^ There are a few people who are looking forward to the sequel. :P


I saw the movie online out of curiosity. It was weird because they changed so much of the story line like:



1. When he first enters the avatar state, he doesn't seem as sad as the cartoon. There's barely any emotion. And he faints into Katara's arms but he seems to be perfectly fine in the movie.


2. Where did the dragon spirit come from? He was supposed to have met the panda and the face stealing spirit who'd tell him about Yin & Yan's forms as the fish. Then he'd take the ocean spirit fish and drown the general and the rest of the fleet. I liked it better than way. But even when he raised the ocean, he didn't drown anyone because "the avatar cannot harm anyone"? I guess they'll skip the fact that avatar Kiyoshi killed the man in the Earth kingdom when forming the Kiyoshi island.


3. Prince zuko hides the avatar within the palace? That's so dumb. Did he think if the fire kingdom happen to defeat the water tribe, they'd not look in there for the avatar? :blink: So dumb. Also, zuko cud have easily melted the ice by himself.


4. Why is general "eeroh" not fat? :(


5. Sokka and Princess U-ay (how is that name spelt?) become friends immediately. :rolleyes:


6. There are so many things wrong with the characters. Aang is not lively, Katara is not mature enough, Sokka is not funny AT ALL in fact he might even be depressed, Prince Zuko is not fierce enough and needs fire to create fire? :mellow: General "Eeroh" (why did they have to mess up the names. :( ) is not caring and good humoured enough. Fire lord Ozai is not scary enough.



The movie could have been a little longer and they could have added a little more emotion and details to the characters. What's the point of making a movie if it's not even half as good or the characters are not even similar to the original. Terrible. Still, the movie was okay but some of the dialogues were a little too dumb to enjoy the movie. Some of the effects of water bending were good. Even earth bending ones were decent but I didn't like the fire and air bending ones too much. I guess it's difficult to show airbending but they could have made the fire bending a little more interesting.


IF they decide to make a second movie, I'm curious as to how they are going to show Zuko's sister shoot electricity.

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