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"Luxury" Expenses?

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I've read the thread, and one point that seems missing is 'proportion of wealth.'


Is it possible that one thing may be a luxury for someone without it being a luxury for someone else?


For example, let us say, for the sake of quality that I buy a Mercedes. This is about 5,000 percent of my savings. But for an extreme example, like Bill Gates, it's only 0.000000000001 percent of his wealth.


I mention this because Shaykh Husain has a lecture about us being judged by the proportion of our wealth that we spend. It's somewhere or another.

I believe Shaikh Muhammad Alshareef said the same thing. Unfortunately I can't find the video where he spoke about the views Muslims have about money and whether it is justified. But he has this whole course on managing money & imaan's relationship to money:


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nice... I always have questioned this... especially when one has read Richie Rich and the like during childhood... y'know, he gets a $5,000,000 car because it's a quarter of his allowance or something...

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For a woman to spend her money on 'Luxuries' - is it a sin?


Even in a marriage, a woman is allowed to spend her money as she wishes and she isn't even expected to spend on her husband and children.


If I could spend 800,000$ cash on a house, surely a LV Monogram 2,600$ purse would not be considered a luxury right?


Another question, If a woman is financially stable, gives the zakat that she is expected to give, and even gives extra in charity, then she decides to buy an LV purse, would that be considered sinful?


OK I KNOW THAT 1000$+ SEEMS LIKE A LUXURIOUS WASTE OF MONEY, but LV purses last centuries. My normal purses all tear/get damaged/zipper stops workign at some point


With an LV purse, it would be spending a huge sum, but it will last longer. Buying 1 good purse VS buying 234556 'ok' ones that are around 50$.


See the difference? Plus LVs like Hermès, have a lifetime warranty. So if some weird stuff happens, they replace it with a new. Bam.



That is all :(

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Extravagance is something that:


1/ You don't have enough money for but buy anyway (eg you buy a merc but realistically you can only afford a suzuki)

2/ Something you buy but do not use. (eg you buy a merc and a bentley and a jag. You only use one and the other two are for show)


that's what I know for sure is extravagance. Perhaps you could also include:


something that is equal in quality to something else, but is 10 times more expensive. Eg. Nike t shirt vs a department store own brand t shirt.

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MJ, its up to you! (and I think you've done pretty good job of convincing yourself)

So uh, pics when you get it!!!!!


Extravagance: anything you cant justify to yourself. And obviously, if you are concerned about being extravagent then you can't convince yourself of something you dont genuinely believe is true. I do believe extravagance for one person is not the same for another. To take the purse example, for myself I cant justify buying a new purse at all, until my old one is destroyed, lost, or given to somebody who wants it.

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