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Yes, I know about that link. I posted it on the first page. Only problem is when you do it alone, you lose motivation. I had done upto lesson 3. I was revising it today.

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i think i'll probably start with the lessons on the madinaharabic site. jazakallah khair

Maybe we can keep track of each other to keep us motivated?

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Maybe we can keep track of each other to keep us motivated?


When are you thinking of starting cos i was gonna start after my exams in january and i don't know if you would want to wait that long.

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Oh ok. I had already finished first 3 lessons. I was in the middle of revising the 3rd one. But Jan is pretty long but let's see. Maybe we can still try then.

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MashaAllah blueberry is a wonderful teacher. With her permission I decided to share the lesson but I'm skipping the extra chatter so it's less confusing & mostly her explanation:


For beginners you'll need to know the alphabets. Since I know this, we skipped it. But for those who don't, check here:




can you read arabic when people type in english with numbers?


2 = hamza 1695-290-290.jpg

3 = ain k_ayn.jpg

3' or '3 = ghain k_ghayn.jpg

5 = kha k_kha.jpg

6 - ta ta.JPG

'6 = dha (ta with the dot on it)

7 = strong h k_haa.jpg

8 = qa circle_qaaf.jpg


2 can be used instead of 8

if pronouncing the 8 is hard which is kinda is, you can substitute 2 for it as a hamza they do that in levantine dialect for example, the word da8i8a (minute) or daqiqa will become da2i2a, pronounced da-ee-a with a short stop where the -'s are.


9 = saad k_sad.jpg


or even g instead of q, which is local (I said that's Egyptian so someone can clarify if it's both)


Side Note:

Daqeeqa = minute

Sa' = hour

Yawm = day

Shahr = month

Sana = year



I أنا ana

you, singular, masculine: أنتَ Anta

you, singular, feminine: Anti

He هو - Hua

She هي - Hiya

we = نحن

some people say na7nu rather than na7n






there is no "am" or "are" verb

like there's no being verb

there is like the past tense thing

like, there was a dog

not like, THERE (is) A DOG like you'd normally say


lets say, im talking to you, and im gonna tell you how every time i go outside my building there is a dog.


every single word in that sentence (in english) is literally translated into Arabic and if you were to literally translate that back to English, it would be the exact same BUT if i was gonna say, like, when im on the phone,


and if i translate that into arabic, and then literally translated that back to english, it would be,


honak kalb


but yesterday there was a dog [outside] = kaan honak kalb

kaan is "was", masculine

bc kalb doesnt have a ta marboota at teh end its masculine


me: shoo hada ta marboota? (What is this ta marboota?)


this is a ta marboota: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/02/03a-Ta_marbuta.png


kay so when theres a ta marboota at the end of the word its feminine and if there isnt, the word is masculine soo kalb is masculine,

buuuuuut if the animal in question was a feminine word,


Side Note:

Kalbun = Dog

Kittun = Cat

Battah = Duck


so if i wanted to say, there was a duck i would say, kaanat honak ba66a


me: ok kaanat is was for feminine?


yup like, kaanat bint, kaan walad. there was a girl, there was a boy



Rest in a little bit.

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ill tell you like nouns and you tell me if theyre masculine or feminine


1. kalb (dog)

2. batta (duck)

3. shajara(tree)

4. sayyara (car)

5. baab (door)


1. masculine so kaan

2. feminine so kaanat

3. shajarah I guess is feminine

4. sayyara also seems feminine

5. seems masculine



a7sant =D

or rather, a7santi, cause, youre female



okay so pretty much everything in arabic has a gender




people obv

and verbs are conjugated according to the gender

so yeah everythings got a gender

a word can be altered according to its gender


white - abyad

yellow = a9far / asfar

orange = burtaqaal or burtagaal

pink = wardah (also rose)

red = ahmar

green = akhdar

blue = azraq

brown = bunni

black = aswad

purple = banafsaji

Silver = lujayn

ramadi = grey





thatss silver



so what about the gender?


soo even colors have genders yeah for example if i ahd to describe a door i wouldnt say that th edoor is [feminine] blue because door is a masculine word.

baab = masc.

so id say, al baab azraq but, in case of feminine words, th eletters in the color word are rearranged

azraq = zarqa

ahmar = hamra

asfar = safra

notice that they all end with a / ta marboota bc theyre feminine

aswad = sawda

abyad = bayda


u exchange first 2 and last 2 letters?


yeahh pretty much

to make it feminine

aswad = sawda


The end. Let us know if this helped y'all. :D

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:lol: Why? You are so good, mashaAllah! :wub: But lemme know if you want something edited out.

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mashallah blueberry knows her arabic :lol:


but i did spot a mistake in my brief scanning of the above though


pink: its either "wardi" or "zahri"


either ways, keep up the good work both of you :P

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gold as in the colour is "thahabi", as in the substance, "thahab".


silver is also "fi99i"

lujain if im not mistaken is the substance. substance could also be referred to as "fi99ah"

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