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Islam and the Theory of Evolution

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Darwin was a brilliant man and his theories on evolution have been proven. The world and everything in it is evolving before your eyes. Just open your eyes and have a look around and you will see things that didn't exist years ago. If you don't believe in evolution and your religion doesn't allow you to believe in evolution, it is because you and your religion are evolving at a slower pace. But never fear as you and your religion will evolve as you acquire more knowledge and intelligence through evolution. Maybe not in your lifetime but it will get there. Peace to all.

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Before I read this long arse thread... 

Just watching about people finding early human fossils in caves (ape-like). 

I understand that Allah swt turned a nation of people into apes. 

But there are articles like this claiming that Islam accepts the evolutionary theory. 

So I am getting confused on what in the evolutionary theory is acceptable. 

And what we should believe in - as if it were me the ape explanation (that people who were disobedient were turned is sufficient). 

They found a mix of humans and ape fossils so like Enigma was saying?

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On 2/24/2013 at 10:31 PM, '_SkyWalker_' said:

Er, no. That's why I'm telling you to read my previous post. Why get sarcastic for no reason? Calm yourself.

Haku always gets sarcastic. I just catch on so slow.

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