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Poets in the house?

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I don't think there's an existing thread like this..couldn't seem to find one but point it out if I'm wrong please. Anways, here's some of my more recent stuff:


Instrumental [11.06.05]

My life's instrumental just plays on

No words attached

No lyrics to this song

It just plays on

In a perfect harmony

Note by note acoustically

Melodiously in my mind

Yet I can't define

In words

How this all relates to me

Blindly I can see

A symphony

Of my emotions

Yet I can't verbalize

What's inside of me

So I hum my tune from the outside

Looking in

As I watch the world go by


As this instrumental just plays on


Silent Prayer [26.05.05]

Lord I give my all

I surrender all to Thee

I turn to You in these times of pain

Because I know no one else can save me

You are my Saviour

The connection to my soul

Excuse me for these emotions

For these tears I can't control

I need You right beside me

Each and every night

If You continue to bless me

I know that I'll be alright

Forgive me Lord for all I've done

I seek repentence sincerely

I'll keep on fighting through these hazy days

Until I can see You clearly

I'm completely helpless without You

Stripped down to the bone

When I don't have You guiding me

Even in a crowd I'm all alone

Kneeling down before You

I ask for Your blessing again

Please Lord not this time

Let this silent prayer be in vain



Watching the minutes go by,

Hearing the seconds tick,

Another 4 am mocks me,

And its making me really sick,

Insanity has met its match,

I have completely lost my mind,

Every single memory haunts me,

I can't seem to leave anything behind,

All my insecurites,

Crawl beneath my skin,

Breaking me down,

Killing from within

I smile to myself,

Not knowing why,

And I keep on going,

Although I don't wanna try

The clock reaches five,

Sleep deserts me,

Anger and lonliness,

Now keep me company,

My senses leave me,

As I listen to the bitter sound of rain,

I'm losing all feeling,

Except that of pain.

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Guest Salina

Aww, weebee!


I totally felt the 'Silent Prayer'- mashaAllah!


Keep it up :thumbup:

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The Endless


Life is all a game,

Money is all about fame.

Destiny wrote our lives,

Fate continues to strive.

Power is always misused,

Trust is forver abused.

Desire makes this world go round,

With ambition it is bound.

While Music can unite us all,

War will always make us fall

Dream relieves us of our pain,

Dawn will wake us up again.

Hope gives us a reason to live,

Despair has nothing to give.

Failure teaches us our mistakes

Evil continuously fakes.

Death sets us a limitation,

Success requires total concentration.

Danger makes life interesting,

Luck is always missing.

Destrusction always has his way,

But we'll forget love at the end of the day...


Inspired by Sandman, Neil Gaiman

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The Infinitive


"To try escape the world's evacuation,

To try avoid the next destination,

To promise for total concentration,

Of the body's soul and mind.

"To hope for the impossible and for unity,

To force a joined community,

To make an accident a fatality,

And add some significance to the matter.

"To take a matter and to purify,

To add, mix and to multiply,

To make an essence and to signify,

In hope of finding something new.

"To crush and provoke,

To unbalance stability,

To give the issue to the young,

To prove accomplished capability.

"To make the world a better place,

To make all the more pure,

To sympathize the human race,

To feel the pain and to endure.

"To call all people to be together,

To make a time of peace.

All this is fake, an imposter,

And so the sacred love flees"

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Oh sure, I can poem! :rolleyes:




Well, lemme try...


That paper lies there on a sandy heap

Lazing over a million mules

It dawdles amongst thoughts long and deep

Examining all the...er...molecules

It has a message written on its side

Calling out to passerbys

"Live in peace, yes, in peace do abide!"

It's results never could it surmise...


Okay, enough. I know, I don't get it either! *shrug*


Rhyming + me = :no:

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hey you know, I liked it!

A comical poem!

What d'you think of mine? (2 posts above mine)

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Oh my...it's quite deep and unearthing.


But why so sad? :cry: Life innit that hopeless.


Okay, I'm getting philosophical. Time to go outside. <_<


But I liked it! I like that add, multiply bit...quite bouncy in a mélancolie way, you know?


Je ne sais pas. Does that mean I dunno? ... :blink:

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Je ne sais pas. Does that mean I dunno? ...


Yeah! Nice!


I wrote that poem when I got peed off by war, and I realized there will never be peace on this world because of a certain country I'm not mentioning

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Perhaps not. Perhaps love still reigns in the universe.




Je ne sais pas, though.


Peed off. KK, you deserve a medal for inventing new slang, lol. Raw-ther wonderful.



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