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What Physics do you want to be explained?

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Plus you don't have to pay taxes on the growth of long term assets right.


Yea I think I kinda agree. If I understood this right your basically trading based off the noise in the data, ie the small fluctuations on a stocks graph. It doesn't really seem like a good idea but we'll see lol

Depends on the assets and jurisdictions, you could hold potentially any asset forever (except in the case of some derivatives like futures and options which have an expiration date). Most countries have a capital gains tax but people can get clever with accounting methods that essentially get rid of most of their tax burden.


Yes exactly. Day traders make their moves based on tiny fluctuations. There are two kinds of strategies for investing: active and passive. Passive is where you leave things as they are and place your investment into long term growth, this is where quantum computing could be good as you could essentially find out the optimal portfolio on a continuous basis based on the changing levels of risk (the largest institutional investors such as mutual funds or pension funds would make great use of this). You then have active investing, which can take three realistic routes: either you get involved in the company by buying a large enough share (like Carl Icahn does), you invest based on large market movements and fundamentals (what George Soros does) or you invest based on small market movements in what is called technical trading (what those dodgy looking adverts about 'binary option trading' suggest you do, and this is where stochastics would find most of its use except with the pros).


Islamically speaking technical trading could be considered haram, as it is based around the idea of speculation. It's similar in a sense to poker or other chance-skill games of the sort, where they aren't really investing to create value through their capital or to take advantage of a particular market, but rather they try to make money off what is oftentimes random number generation.

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Had a question on stack exchange but.. It didn't get answered lol. Hoping you could help:



I was trying to get my head around the energies of particles and anti particles in the same force field when I got a bit off topic.

As I understand it, work = force * displacement, where the displacement is due to the force acting on it. However imagine I have a mass which starts at some velocity Vi in the direction against gravity.

Now imagine I continually supply a force against gravity equal to the weight of my object. In this scenario my mass doesn't accelerate and it's energy is just it's potential due to its height.

But is work done in this scenario? At each point Fgravity = Fsupply, and so displacement is only due to my initial velocity Vi. So does my definition of work need some work, or am I missing something?

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