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Salam. I'm watching beastly right now (Thank God for cousin's boyfriend. Gave me his megavideo account and password. NO MORE TIME LIMITS :D )


and I noticed something written in Arabic on the guy's eyebrows when he get's 'Ugly'? There's seems to be a MEEM followed by a Noon but I'm not sure.




Someone please tell me what it's supposed to read?




ANYWAYS. SO FAR THE MOVIE'S GOOD. HAVEN'T HAD A CHICK FLICK MOVIE IN A WHILE AND THOUGH I KNOW THIS IS PRETTY PREDICTABLE IT'S AWESOME. Montreal is gorgeous as ever, and this movie is making me miss my beloved city like no other.


They have hilarious lines and the Jamaican maid insulting the guy in Jamaican when he has his back turned is hilarious. The cast is gorgeous, the city is gorgeous...so far so good!

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ONE OF MY FAVORITE POEMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Omg. <3

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