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"You're a stranger to the world, but you're an angel to me. And as long as God is above you, the world is at your feet." Karter Zaher. "Hijabi Queen." & Deen Squad Mabrook, Salam etc.


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Coward & dream - Alaina Alexander

Sitting here wasting time again once again (..) thinking about last night baby I couldn't make things right (..) you're not the one for me. I caught you like a dirty disease, floating past my knees baby please. Please. I got plenty of time, patient kind, don't care what they say, I'm walking my way. I got a car in my name. I don't care about fame (..) You'll never be a better man while raising your hand. I'm not your coward, I don't want to be the girl to make you come. I don't want to be a coward, I just want to be a lady to make you run. 

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Think I'm from space

My soul

 fell down
I found the earth
Not leaving now
I know your face
Think you fell too


Zayn if I got you. And his next song natural.

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