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My new car! Alhamdulillah! :)

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Ok, so I have been pondering back and forth about what to get. I recently lost my job in Boston but luckily I was able to find work back quickly thereafter. All thanks be to Allah! I decided that after selling my M3 that I needed AWD; my ZO6 or anything with a nicely tuned and NA engine will have to wait for now for when I'm a billionaire. Ok maybe not like that. anyways, here's my new toy :parrot:


2010 EVO X GSR with 8k miles on it and modded to my liking!

sorry for the sh8tty iPhone pics, but here she is!






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See what happens when you get a bit more religious for Allah? He blesses you with bounties.


Insha'Allah my sister and I are getting one in about an year, too... maybe you can help us choose one.

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Very nice machAllah!

looks much more furious than the M3, You know the car you came to abandon :P

Have fun on track seems much amusing!

As coolside asked, hows the driving?


I will never understand why guys (and some girls) like these cars. Anyway, mabrook!!


For the same reasons one find the need to get/try 100 different type of gowns/shoes, but with cars comes speed and power much more fun :P

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mods on the car:


ETS 4'' front mount intercooler anodized black

ETS air intake

ETS open dump downpipe

ETS cat delete pipe (test pipe)

Nisei upper intercooler pipe

Grimmspeed electronic boost controller

TWM short throw shifter

AEM wideband air/fuel gauge

STRI digital boost gauge

and it's been tuned!

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