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My mums always said something to us as kids, it's one of the things that she always said when we were stressed out and stuff... something li


"Don't loose hope. Everything has a solution. If you have your solution then you can no longer think of it as a problem. If there isn't a solution then why are you worrying? just leave it to Allah and He will sort it out. Be happy and put all your effort into whatever you want to do and then leave it to Allah"



^ I like that she taught us that because now whenever something is bothering me I don't allow myself to look at it as a problem that I can't get past, instead i try to find a solution or ask for help in finding that solution and it does help alhumdulilah.


And another one that she said last year, really made me smile so I wrote it down in my diary lol


"Be pleased with what Allah taala sends your way. You can't change the past, you certainly have no power over the future, so just make duah and put your trust in Allah. And be pleased with whatever he sends your way - the good and the 'bad' "


Stand firm my friend

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I love this one. I hate how people say that when one opportunity is gone, another one comes. Bull. You are going to endure hardship and failures, but when you get back up and achieve something greater than you did before you feel unstoppable. No stupid grade, or dumb counselor is going to tell me what I can/can't do. I'm out to get my own, but also here to help my friends out to get theirs. I can help them to a degree, but ultimately everyone is doing their own work.

We're all in it together, help out those who are worth it but make yourself too (yourself being the first priority)


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“Don't think of the trials in your life ('balaa') as just a 'test' in the human form. Allah is not like a professor who hands you a test, moves away and just watches from afar to see how you'll do. Allah is our murabee--the One who raises us with more mercy than a mother raises a child. The Prophet (pbuh) tells us that when Allah wills good for someone, he sends them 'balaa' (trials or tests). When Allah wills good for us, He purifies us. That is why each person is tested in what they love most. In other words our greatest possible 'competitor' in our love for God is what is withheld or must be sacrificed. This is the purification process because it cures the heart of competitors. Why was Prophet Ibrahim (AS) asked to slaughter the most beloved thing to him? Did Allah actually want him to *kill* his son? No. He didn't kill his son. He killed the attachment. By being willing to sacrifice what he loved most, he had slaughtered any possible competing love. Allah was raising him, purifying him and elevating him. Allah tell us, “By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you give (freely) of that which you love.” (3:92)”

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