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But that made even less sense; White Rose you are a doctor, what would a naked body tell you? Scars, surgeries, to minor points like the condition of her skin, hair and nails, etc etc. Sherlock Holmes was based on a doctor too, he used deductions from his patients' appearance to figure out their occupations, illnesses, what have you, and Sherlock got nothing. The other thing about this episode is that irritated me was that here was a man without much experience of women who is able to guess her exact measurements first go, then cannot identify her body on a mortuarty slab. The writers really need to be consistent about what Sherlock can and cannot do - sometimes he seems psychic, then the next can't do the simplest thing.




More than a little - plain ridiculous! Unless... do you think that that that's not a flash back, but a flash forward? In the original stories he faked his death and went travelling to Afghanistan, India, Arabia and Europe. Maybe with her connections Adler helped him out too. I mean she was able to get a perfect match (I guess) for her own body, so why not for Sherlock? The dummy body was thrown off the roof and Holmes escaped.




Can't remember clearly, but wasn't it made fairly clear that Watson was concussed after he was knocked to the ground? Also yep a lot of your theory is plausible, he needs watso to keep his distance, but also to stand in a specific position, possibly to block his view?




:D I know exactly what you mean! Despite all the negativity of my posts, I liked this show a lot and would rewatch all the episodes too!



That was part of the reason Arthur Conan Doyles' books were so incredible, because they were so consistent. It was very difficult to find any contradiction in the entire series.


Read through this thread after a few if you guys recommended this show to me, I might check it out if I get time.


Also, how awesome would it be if you had a future Sherlock Holmes set in the future, which was like Sherlock Holmes meets Judge Dread!!!

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LOL! I can't believe I missed this hilarity!



Who is our Watson? It's someone who is smart, socially aware, and reliable. While there are many folks like that on MM, you've got to go with white-rose because she's also a doctor.

:lol: Nice. I wouldn't have thought myself as mr. watson. But yes, of the two, I'd definitely relate to him more and I'd also be giving Holmes weird looks. :lol:




1. Which reference to the original stories did you most enjoy?

Unfortunately, I've never read the books so I can't possible say.


2. Would you change anything about the series?

My memory of the series is fading fast but if we are discussing the first series then probably not much. Although, I was disappointed when the show didn't explain how the pill murderer got away every time. But it also developed enough interest in me to keep watching the show.


If I had to change anything in the 2nd series, I'd completely skip that Hounds of Baskervilles episode and replace it with something else. To waste an entire episode on showing that Holmes can be terrified and indeed has emotions like every other normal human being is a bit much. There was a lot of things that were too excessive in that show. Things like Holmes being impressed by the word "hound" enough to choose the case over one involving a fluorescent blue rabbit. I mean come on! How often do you see a glowing blue rabbit? The episode is the dream of every sci-fi nerd and conspiracy theorist. And even they would be utterly disappointed. The other thing that I found really silly was the fact that in the end they tried to link the blue glowing rabbit and other deaths with the hound case. For all these people to come to Holmes on the exact same day and time is a bit of a leap.


3. If you were Watson - how many of Sherlock's foibles would you put up with?

The only way I'd put up with Sherlock is if he told me how he came to every conclusion he came to. Not because I don't trust him, and I don't necessarily do (assuming he was a real person). But I am an extremely curious person when it comes to seeking knowledge and I can't rest till I find answers to my questions. And when people try to withhold information from me unnecessarily, I become frustrated with them. I would see no purpose of hanging out with him if I could not learn anything from him in the process. And I think Holmes is the same in this respect. You can see his frustration to find out if he was right and chose the correct pill. However, if he was truly like me he would have had his pill investigated or tested it himself since he has the means. But since he didn't, I was utterly disappointed.


4. Does Sherlock suffer from a personality disorder?


lady_murasaki_sa: I was going to say yes, but just realised - personality disorders usually refer to things such as schizophrenia, narcisstic personality disorder and so on.

Schizophrenia is not a personality disorder, by the way. But it is similar to schizotypal personality disorder. Some other personality disorders are borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, etc.


I do not believe Sherlock suffers from a personality disorder. Or at least that's not what comes across to me. Yes he hides his emotions but it doesn't mean he lacks them. I believe he chooses to distance himself from emotions in order to concentrate more on facts and he has certainly developed skill in controlling his emotions to the point that perhaps he has forgotten how to naturally respond at times. He has expressed fear, love, empathy, etc so it is not that he is incapable of feeling but I believe he chooses to suppress it. Possibly because he thinks emotions are for the weak.


5. Who on MM would be Sherlock & Watson?

I'm terrible at assigning MMers characters. Let me get back to you on that or I'll be sitting with this for ages.


6. Which episode of the first season is the best?

Well it has to be the first. The first has to set the mood for the entire series and also impress the audience enough to return. I think the first did that. However I also enjoyed the series finale and truly hated the villian. Namely because I hated the way he spoke and I was eager to see Holmes bring him down.


7. Can a person with Sherlock's abilities actully exist?

Unlikely because some of the situations presented in the TV series involve the rarest of the rare possibilities. Such as a man being killed by a boomerang or frisbee or whatever? What is the likelihood that a man sitting in his room and conferencing with an officer about a man lying in a field, dead, had been handling one? And even if it struck the man, the likelihood that it managed to reach the shores of a river is unlikely in itself than to think that someone could possible make such an assumption. There are way more possible reasons for why a man is lying dead in a field than that.


8. What makes this show so damn enjoyable?

Although it seems like I'm ripping apart the show every time I post, I LOVED it. The fast pace, the dialogues and your own curiosity drives you into sitting and watching every moment of it and enjoying it. It's as simple as that.

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I bring your attention to:

Yes, on paper it sounds horrible. But on paper Steven Moffat's updated Sherlock sounds horrible, too. A modern-day Sherlock. Where Watson writes a blog. And most episodes centre around Sherlock's ability to guess passwords. Who'd want to watch that?


No, no it doesn't. The BBC Holmes sounds bloody good, even on paper, this just sounds rank. Bet you anything they fall in love. Then I will throw up and post the sick to CBS.

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why do you even care so much, yh it sounds cringe worthy, but at the end of the day the real sherlock is still there in a book.


you dont have to watch it

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