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Excel pivot tables and MATLAB

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as salam alaikum,


Has anyone used pivot tables in excel to sort data? If so, do you know any good tutorials.


Same question for matlab - if anyone knows any good tutorials for programming.


Jazak Allah Khair

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One tutorial I used featured mainly without the standard setup. However it is difficult to extract the .apc files once you are finished, though if you go to the right directories you should not have a problem.


Last point, only use software utilization when prompted to, the more you use this feature, the more corrupt your files become.



lol im just talking gibberish

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OMG, muslimah is all growed up mashaAllah :)


walaikum assalaam


iss sab ka matlab kya hai?! (getit? lol)




youre welcome.

My engineer friends would quote movie lines with 'matlab' in it all the time in the LAN :lol:


The favourite was zindagi ka matlab kya hota hai :lol:

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