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Miah the new ones are good too, they portray the society. I hope its a step towards change.




eik drama acha nahin laga aur tumne tau mera passport phaar diya! hai yeh dard mein kese sahoon gi? HAI HAI


you said you dont like Urdu dramas. That means all urdu dramas :( hum apki nationality change kartay hain. Btw why do you have a Paki passport? Arent you British?



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arent you a british born? So why a Paki passport?


Mehendi was when I was in 2nd grade I think I remember some if it, too many shadiyan in it lol

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Really?! I can only ever relate to Urdu dramas 'cuz of the whole Muslim desi cultural similarity I guess.

KHAABBAAACCHHAA! :D Except Khabacha was a character in th show "Ankahee", no?

Ankahi was this really hilarious show? You talking about that Rosie?


P.S. The Khabacha guy plays the dad in Humsafar. :P


*facepalm* No, no, no. Kabacha is in Tanhaiyaan...in Ankahi he plays Moby (Sana's cousin from America).


tell this to miah.


And and you guys watched ankahee? Kabacha haayeee :DAnd tanhayan? And and there was dhoop kinaray too:D you know what, there is drama coming in india thats based on the plot of dhoop kinaray. Says my sister lol and Rosey she watches that abusive husband one.


All those were awesome dramas...along with Alpha Bravo Charlie :dance: and Aansoo was great too!!


Do they have youtube links for that show coz the show is so old I barely remember it. I'm surprised you guys do because I was really young when that show aired so you must have been even younger.


Ankahi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoJQUkaRc3Q



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