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A great adventure has begun

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OMG OMG OMG and this weekend I got the Winnie the Pooh collection at this awesome warehouse sale for next to nothing :wow: :wow: :wow:

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okay so i kind of suck at congratulating people and openly declaring like my feelings or whatever but pls bear with me im going to try :P cliches and all :P



so first of all AWWWW!!!!!! MABROOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think you should get her a shirt that says "bundle of joy comign through" when she learns how to walk inshallah (lame joke but im kind of serious because that would be cute) AWWWWW man i cant liek express how happy this made me like really. you're going to be an awesome parent ... no wait you kind of already are a parent!! :') mabrookmabrookmabrook and ameen to alllll the duas and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU HAD A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also i would like to say that all the names of/relating to you are awesome -- zimarina, sephora, they just have such a nicer ing to them. anyways mabrook again and im going to stop now, BUT OMGGGGGGGGG MABROOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



LOL that was pathetic :P but i left it there because i had fun writing it. mabrook again!!!!!!

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Jazakallahu khayran Uncle Moose!




My cousin's also having a baby, and since she's an only child and I'm the closest thing she has to a sibling, I'm going to be a second cousin disguised as an uncle. SO EXCITED! LOL


TWO BABIES (and millions more) IN ONE YEAR.


If you ditch Maniac Muslim for the sake of motherhood, can you at least come back and post the baby's milestones, like her first word? :yes:

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Zimi! My laptop seems to be against this beautiful piece of news because I have been trying to post here for the past day and it keeps logging me out automatically :P


Many, many congratulations Um Sephora! Ameen to all the beautiful dua's :flower:

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Alf Mabrook on your baby girl Zimarina. May she be the light of your and your husband's eyes... And may she strengthen the bond between you guys insha Allah and be a source of ultimate joy happiness, and charity for you and your whole family :)

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This is amazing news! Alf mabrook Zimi, my duas are with you and yours :) I was wondering how come you're spending so much time on MM, but didn't think this was the reason! Really happy for you, you and Mr Z will be great parents insha allah.


Also this means we can electronically share her milestones, I am particularly looking forward to seeing the first time she tries a lemon :D


Ah, well towards the end I'd been working from home and had about 3 quite major work-related deadlines (that I managed to complete one day before my due date) so I was pretty much glued to my laptop in the latter days which meant lots of MM procrastination!


Can't wait to try the lemon thing- esp considering she pulls the most briliant old-man faces already masha'Allah.


Her initial milestones have been recorded in a lovely little 'Muslim Baby Record Book' which Aunty Fufu gifted me- has the dates of her umbilical cord clamp falling off, her aqeeqah head shaving and the first time she threw up on daddy!


SoubhanAllah! Madame Zimarina! :wow: May Allah swt protect and bless petite Sephora and your family.

You spelled it the French way :P lol I have 3 cousins by that name,

And once she grows you should take her France we have a huge stylish famouse

Shop named Sephora, she would feel as if it was made for her, lol I know my cousins did.

Mabrouk! And have a good rest. :D


Nahla! Ameen, ameen!

Yes we have Sephora in the UK aswell, however I think a lot of them shut down around the time when the recession first hit (THANK GOD)- so hopefully hopefully she won't be associated with it forever (!). Ironically, when you compare the Arabic spelling with the English transliterations- 'Sephora' seems closest because it starts with a saad and kasra.


They should give the Umm Sephoras discounts on all cosmetics though- me and your cousins should start a campaign!


Mashallah Zim!!! Congrats!!!!! I am soooo proud of you ( :P) and sooo soooo happy for you. May Allah protect you and your lil bundle of joy from all evil and harm. May He make her the noor of your eyes and among the righteous people, Ameen. And I know you'll make an awesome mother inshallah :D


Please post a full pic of her? :D (If it's not a problem...)


Ameen, ameen- thank you! I'm not that big on posting pictures, but if I do- you will know about it insha'Allah! :)


ALL the ways?? I thought she was a little young to learn about welfare fraud, but with your blessing, I'm SO on it, sis!


The term 'fraud' is just sooo relative though, no?


I know right? I would tell people, since they're gonna see me and be like errr should we mention it? Or is she just fat? Lol. It happened with my uncle's wife, and just a couple of weeks ago they finally told us she is pregnant, even though she has been walking around with a big baby bump for ages now lol.


Anyways, congrats Zimi! Mashallah. I was hoping I'd scroll down and see a whole pic of little Sephora lol, but the hand thing is cuuuute! Lovin the blankie.


Thanks Faerie <3


One more thing:


I really like the name mashAllah. Its beautiful, and best of all, very unique. Fine choice.



and I just really like female names that end with an "a" :grin:


Awww, Mr 5er, that actually means a lot coming from a boy lol!

Thank you!

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Aww, MashaAllah! I'm so happy for you! That is a beautiful picture and yes please post a full picture of her as Veno mentioned! Great choice of name, I love the name Sephora. :)

May Allah protect you all from evil and harm. Congratulations ukhti! :D


Jazakillahu khayran Marietje (I had to look and relook at how to spell that about 4 times lol!)- Ameen to your lovely du'a, I really appreciate it!




SubhanAllah This is such awesome news :D

JazakAllah to Loopeh for letting me know. She asked me this morning if I heard about Zombob's good news and (because she is married and there isn't any better news) I assumed she was pregnant and then Lupeh tells me Zombob had a baby already :wow:



ZIMMMMMEEEHHHHH!!!! :wow: :wow: :wow: I am so so so happy for you and Mr Z. Mabrook on the birth of your little precioussssss. Ameen to all the duas already said. I can't add much more to that. You will make such an amazing mother, inshaAllah, (and Mr Z will make a super dad too ;) ), you have such a wealth of knowledge to pass on to Mini Z. Her name is beautiful and something I would expect from you.


Congrats again :wow: InshaAllah she will grow up to be an exceptional person and one whom you both can be proud of. If she ever has a sweet tooth... :shifty:


Ahhhh my darling chubster! I would expect no less from your fine self than to turn this occassion into an opportunity to advertise to a new customer! I will work hard to make her tough little gums into fine shining enamel teeth that Aunty C can work hard at rotting with her out-of-date candy!


Ameen to your du'as- I wish I had as much confidence in myself as you seem to have in me(!) :)


Ameen to all the duas!


*sigh* seems like it was only yesterday that you were wreaking havoc on MM with your temporary mod powers, and now you're all grown up and having a baby :cry:




This made me LOL. Me and Cubster had a mini discussion on the spelling of Sephora's name and decided that we wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Then later I saw on MM you had posted the above quote!


I take it you knew you were going to have a girl then?


Haha, that's because it WAS only yesterday! Ah, how I wish to have another bout of those 15 minutes again HINT HINT. Yes, I couldn't wait to find out- so asked at the 20 week scan for the gender!


May Allah make her pious and healthy and a coolness for her parents' eyes, ameeen! Mabroook x a million! I'm sure she looks a lot better now than she did as a football! <3


Yes masha'Allah- she's come a long way since being a football stuffed up my top :P


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