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its simple really.

if someone says to 'ohh im so fat :cry: ' you'll tell them to eat less/exercise more.

if someone says 'im gonna fail i don't know anything about X ' you'll tell them to revise.

if someone says they dont know how to cook, they'll be told to learn.


if you say you dont know anything about Islam, obviously people are gonna tell you to learn.

at least its 'why dont you learn?' and not 'GOLEARN "ANGRY: '


also - it think its really funny how squiddy keeps bringing up Rammy when you post something about not knowing about certain things. reminds me of when my teachers used to say stuff like 'fufu doesnt do that, do what fufu did / 'why cant you sit and do you work like muslimah' sad times.

No what I mean is that some people are emulating my posting style, it's patronising

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ohh so thats why squiddy and zimarina added lols?

i wasnt sure why.




Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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Last Friday I was out just hanging with a couple friends, and somehow a conversation about religion came up as a topic, everybody shared and then it was my turn to share. (Mind you I’m in a room full of Christians) I started by saying well first off I’m a Muslim. Gasp, shriek and a girl screamed "you’re a Muslim “and I replied yeah, but you’re black. I said yeah it's a lot of black Muslims, now showing she was a sheltered girl only seeing Muslims on Cnn. I gave them the spill about Islam and why I reverted. They went on to say if you don't take Christ as your savior you will go to hell. I enlighten them with there on words (Bible) I calmly explained I also believe in Jesus just not as my god but as a prophet in which evidence clearly states in some of your Bible's (lol) one person said do you believe Jesus (pbuh) died for your sins. I stated no if so what would be the point of judgment day where god's judges you on your sins. No reply then they made a joke about pork and them loving it. I popped open the Bible and showed them in deutoronemey where pork is forbidden, they challenged me with the new testament stating it was fine to eat and I said "Do you think god would make a mistake why would god say one thing and then say another. To me it challenges his divinity. I got Nothing everyone was silenced. And being biased. I asked did most of you find Christianity on your own or did you just do what your family showed you. In which most said yeah there family showed them. Then one guy went on to say Muslims want everyone one to be like them. I smiled and gave them an example how many Muslims have walked up to you or knocked on your door professing accept “our religion or go to hell” I explained to him in Islam we believe there is no compulsion in religion you are free to choose. And I went on to say but how many Christians, Mormons, are Jehovah’s witnesses has knocked on your door he shook he’s head and how many Muslims knock on yours he replied none and I said thank you. I don't want to bore you anymore I was just letting you know how my Friday went thanks for reading.


MashaAllah, it was great how you responded and kept calm. Welcome to MM and to Islam. :)


May Allah increase you in knowledge and keep you on the straight path. Ameen.

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