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Poetry and Prose

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You remind me of hidden things.

Lost things.


And if I were to find you,

I would find me.

Jaded jewels left behind.

I was not one of your kind.

You pined for

a nonexistent heart of gold.

Who knew that you would have sold

yours too?

Diamond tears

Glisten in an ocean of darkness.





I’m feeling like some


Like wild ink

on white meadows.

I am feeling

like the curves of o’s , a’s and p’s and


A dangerous

fear of a

nothingness to

be understood.

A fear of

forgetting what my heart

wants to tell this world.

Poetry is the

craving on a woman’s tongue.

Umami of life.

I am feeling like some


Elegance strewed across the


the quietness of

a soul.

Not fully

known to me at


-Samira Ali



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