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Mind Wonder.



Frozen peace

Beautiful happiness crumbled

Forgotten mind messed all jumbled

Bitter anguish crawls in the heart

And voice lost whisper

Cries the ache away

Lives a smile

Million miles away

Dreams fill the gaps

While the tongue talks crap

Secrets buried within

No time to escape

No time to love and let sun shine

As sins blow the wind chime


Loneliness is sweet

Once understood


Blinded adornments and greed

Feelings fleeting beating

Dying heart from cheating

Can innocence be love?

Or a mask to cover

What is above

And beyond...

That is as the heart speaks...

I close this chapter

In hopes of tomorrow

Maybe i'll be gone

Tears of only sorrow

Swallowed in fruitless thoughts

A wish appears and i give up

Save it preserve it for

The next life...


Frozen peace...

Then end.


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Dear Heart,


You are a strange thing

You make me Love

You make me Hate

You make me feel like the girl waiting by the gate

You make me dream of false realities

You make me hope across all boundaries

You Let me feel, crushed, stepped, stamped on

You yet encourage me to carry on

You let me breathe in the scars

as you stay trapped behind bars

You make me wish

You make me cry, question myself why oh why

Oh heart i guess you are a friend of mine

as you share with me life's blissful crimes

Oh heart you are a strange thing

Don't leave me too soon

I confide in you, you may confide in me too.



The being you reside in. :)

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Is this a freestyle thread or a poetry thread? You guys can make a general poetry thread where you post your stuphph if you want. I thought freestyle was verses between folk back and forth almost like a rap thing.


Cos some of you are posting your own poetry but not in response to verses from someone else.


Also, I would like see Noorie vs Writeous

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The look in his eyes when nobody was there

When the bully, dared to abuse, him, the impaired

A girl behind a computer, who cried out her eyes

When random others called her a slut online

The boy at lunch eating alone at a table

The desire for someone to sit next to him, a fable

Each one of us has a story, in a time of our lives

One that we take something from, and pride

Ourselves in their presence, their smile, their touch

A friend is what they are, and their love never too much

Disregarding the danger, and from haste they abstain

They deliver and receive those massive blows of pain

Through their physical presence, and words of support

They ail us from the cyber – attacks that are purport

Appearing from nowhere, sitting next to us with a smile

They kindle small friendships into great big fires

To limit our appreciation to one word, is a true understatement

A lifetime experience simply can’t be mis-painted

But as they are, being in their natural nature

They’ll tell us you don’t need to do any favors

So it is “friends” we call them, from all they are the best

Peace be on them, whether they be alive or at rest.

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We're having an event at our unviersity called "Sisters Week" which highlights the infanticide of girls in India & China as well as oppression faced by women around the world. This is a poem I wrote for the event...please feel free to share your criticism and positve comments




World’s Hope

It requires two X chromosomes and not one of those Ys

To determine the birth of a baby or its demise

The fate of whether we would have to run for our lives

Carrying this girl, rewarded with this burdensome prize


Welcome to this world, advertised as hospitable and safe

Where women in India are publically raped

Where children are sold into the sex slavery trade

To make money for family or being part of their clades


50 million reported missing, in one country alone

Think about the others, to the govt. they are prone

They have no chance in this world, better dead than alive

Being told this, imagine how she’s feeling inside


In the midst of all this, there is surprisingly some hope

From the people in this room, to the ones saying nope (No)

Individuals in this world, helping girls have their chance

Anurada Koirala, helping the sex slaves to advance


The woman is equal to the man in the religion of Islam

There are women in this world, even unmentioned in the quran

That provide a voice of hope that we are highlighting

The women here in this institution, showing their strength by fighting


There is no loss but only victory, that will result in the perseverance

Of justice for those whom were not allowed the clearance

Awareness is key, and one part of the battle

The next part is movement, for which we shall saddle


Because the truth is, there is a blessing in her little twirl

And It is nothing but an honor to say “It’s a girl”

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Thanks, I'm going to try and change it up though. Less rhyming, more free verse

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Wrote this today. I haven't edited it at all


A Fire

A liter of despair fills my insides

Unintentionally consumed, but forced down due to failure

Time & time again, I am constantly drinking this poison

Enduring this slow death of mine, I am

However, I am not the only one facing this problem

Scores of students, workers, adults, men, women, animals

We all share this burden together

And some will not make it out alive…


But to those who will, there is something unique

An entity inside of them, self-immolated

Self-immolated by a fervor for a stroke of victory

Success, accomplishment, all the words out there

It is the drivetrain that moves them to their very goals

Moving them to life itself, raw in reality

Where dreams are nothing but possible

And one person, through hell & its trials, can shine bright among a body of people

And unconsciously inspire others to burn the same light


So in fact the reality is, my consummation is intentional

I can choose to chug this putrid product

Or I can taste the sweet honey of a triumphant win

The choice is not only mine, but yours as well

So the question is, which glass do you want to drink?

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Wrote this one on the metro today:


Here’s a Tutorial:

I want to write a poem but what mood am I in?

Should I write about politics or the boy struggling of sin?

Words inceptioned in the mind, that are written to swell

On the spaces of this paper, later to be heard, yelled

Using similes, metaphors, and personifications of thought

Each letter combo is a mystery critiqued powerful or not

You can choose to make it short

Or dedicate to make it a little longer

And allocate advanced words to make it a little stronger

Rhyming is about timing, and choosing the proper diction

Pair the wrong sounding suffixes and your flow becomes but fiction

However have no fear since there’s no standard to be taught or telled

Because a Picasso of your mind is impossible to be selled

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sounds silly


why not just use told and sold


because yolo brolo

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