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in you i see me

i see you at the same road i was at before i jumped the fence and became free

you see, the cattle dont follow ♥♥♥♥, they're just blinded by the routine the fences restrict them to

i see you beyond the field, udders still blue

now i aint gna be here to see that

you see, i'm only good for so long , like a b&q, bulb

sooner or later, you gna have to be the kingpin

shooting the apple on the neck and not the one on the head

you can call this a emotional epilogue, etched in sin

hypromellose cast aside, this used to be our one to one

now i see you towering above the restriction for you to go through

remember, pray for me, may your wishes come true

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Believer! Nice to see you around here:) I almost feel a little inspired to freestyle again! Where's the old thread anyway? It was pretty cool.

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ty peri peri, i think they became inactivated



This is for the brothers struggling to stay righteous

the brothers with no belt to keep their ankles ventilated

this is for those tortured by the devil who won the bet and kept their soul

it aint easy living when you cant taste the nourishment the lords provided

when you kept down on a low and the only way out is lower and lower

i make dua that Allah sides us with the righteous

keeps us out the sewers and the infested reverbertaing hollows

makes supplication as easy off the tongue as mobile telephonenumbers

slip, no going back to yesterday but that aint a self fulfilling prophecy

hear.strive to obey, peace out with prose

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I've had some friends go through tough times recently, so decided to compile all their struggles into a poem. I feel that it's one of my darker works, but you can judge on your own:


Cold winds


I just want to ask that one question

For this, my troubles

Why I was blessed with a learning disability

Failed my English class three years in a row

Having money tediously earned, yet burned before my eyes

Attempting to crawl out of this hole I’ve dug.

Weakly, I clench for life

Father losing a job, restless growing he

Mother growing depressed over another; one of three

A knife at the wrist and a bottle full of pills

A deadly combo to end a girl’s world of ills

And to the worst part:

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon

As 10 years had passed, a best friend had as well so fast


Fa Inna Ma Ahl Usri Yusra

My heart pours out its emotions, so raw

“Verily, with hardship comes ease.”

I shiver in its sound

These five words free me of my chained weights

Dropping the iron, breaking the shackles, stretching the limbs

Close my eyes.

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