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So I wrote this real quick fix. It's about life in general and how being a mother changes your train of thought. It was written really quick just trying to get some emotion out sooooo be gentle.


Spendin' everyday pouring my heart into this life,

Passing time trying not to get caught up in the hype,

Regrets upon regrets and wishin' it was different,

Thinkin' about my youth and thinking about my ignorance,

Knowin' I made mistakes and wishin' to change this livin' hell,

So I feel estranged from myself, wanna exchange the poverty for wealth,

And I know it's not too late, so I didn't go to college,

I haven't fulfilled my fate, doesn't mean I can't seek knowledge,

But I gotta stop stallin', what I've seen can be the greatest motivation,

23 year old, female, caucasian, living in the west supposed to be the greatest nation,

But I've been hurt, I've been stepped on, I've been tossed in the trash,

I've been abandoned, I've been trampled I've been beaten and bashed,

But I keep pushin' forward, I keep looking for hope,

I try to think about my life and how it looks outside my scope,

I got my little girl at home, my one true love, my sunrise,

and I know the world can't be so cruel when I look into her eyes,

With a smile so delightful she's the essence of purity,

Watching her sleep at night so peacefully is my only security,

I just gotta raise her up right and hope she changes the world,

and I trust her cuz she's my baby, she's the sweetest little girl,

I tell her everyday that girl you're gonna do big things,

So even if life is hard sometimes you gotta take what it brings,

What can I do except my best and ask for God's blessings,

And know that it's all written so I gotta quit stressing,

Make do3aa that my daughter doesn't repeat my mistakes,

Teach her to stand up for herself and watch out for the snakes,

There's nothing that can't be overcome if we pursue it enough,

We can be our own worst enemy but we've gotta be tough,

and if you dwell in the past then your letting that enemy win,

and if you're hurt by words then you need tougher skin,

but if you ever need help I will always be there for you,

If you can't make a decision, then I'll tell I would do,

I'll never let you feel like you're alone, cuz you've always got me here,

And as long as you've got Allah then you've got nothing to fear.




*Reading this thread is automatic consent to the fact that I am cooler than you.

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