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ODE TO MY BEST FRIEND :) (poetry comp 2013)

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Assalamuilikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu


Sooo like yeh, i had this great big excuse as to why the competition didn't go ahead, but meh! I was busy ok! it's not like, im not doing my final year or anything, and it soooooo isn't stressing my life out..... :D


:shifty: besides the fact the no-one ENTERED PSSSHT (not pointing fingers... :whistle:)


Anyway, someone did enter though "external candidate," :hmm: So, here is their piece :dance3:


Theme: knowledge


Tread a path where angel wings lower in respect,
Forgiveness flowing with each breath from those who tread on land and ocean; in its depth,
For the one who seeks pearls of wisdom; from the cradle of birth till crimson is purged from his nervous system,
Sip at the oasis of Knowledge,
Quench it with a pen tip,
Drink from the fountain of Scholarship,
Retrieving the deep and dark promises from the Shaykh’s bleeding sarcophagus,
An obligation of men: To comprehend that which God did send,
Decipher scripts till you can paint an enlightened pic…papyrus, ink.
Light a lantern; ignite a wick, inspire a kid, let a few lifeless, ‘live’,
A scholar shared a thought with I ‘Dunya is as though I lay in a prison’
Now shackles and cages plays with his vision, straining his ligaments, pain is like militants blading the innocent; souls exit, escape with incisions,
Death lives…
Like an authentic chain of transmission…

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Read this and showed it to Junayna too, we both love it Hazu (=

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Late entry?


the shedding of the cobwebs

the dust on the books, sprinkled like poison

the dark fields, the limitless rain to be soaked in

our outtake on those pages, changes years after absorption

the words we whisper years after first reading them

i believe i can now see, years after wandering those fields blindly

i still await to cross paths with thee

to spend those moments once against disecting each other's mind

hello , or goodbye, it all still runs through my veins

halo or immersion in a bubble, awaiting those recognisable signs

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Ode to my friends, the Ood


Ye friends who singeth odes

day in and day out on mount Jude

Ye persevered through lobotomy and slavery

All because of ye peaceful race, the Ood


Some may say ye look liketh the cuttle fish

Tis true, but hey we don't dismiss

friends from outer-space with tentacles

'cause the Ood makes the bestest of the fish dish


Ood the Ood the Alien race

this ode is for them ugly face

some may say this ode is odd

to them I say shut your face!

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^ even got haku writing odes! mashaAllah


So does anyone want another comp then?

then you should read my ode to the troll czar

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