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Sing Me A Song About Goodbyes

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I can stand here forever
and watch the trees
shed their leaves.

How captivating it is
to see them fall softly
on the ground
in complete surrender.

It is one of the very few moments
that truly make me feel
as though time stands still.

Outside magical moments like this,
Time seems so restless.
It spins so fast making me lose control
as I try to catch up.

But when leaves fall ever so gently
and with such a rare delicacy,
I can feel Time standing right next to me,
amazed at the sight
of them dancing hand in hand
with their fate,
in pure submission.


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Venomystic, It's so great to receive positive feedback! Thank you. It definitely encourages me to post more of my stuff! :)


Mufasa, Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it! I'm not that new here. I just don't come here too often. Maybe it's time it changed! I'll check the introductions, if I didn't introduce myself last year when I registered, I'll be more than happy to introduce myself now! :)

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