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Flu remedies

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Put them in warm water and drink it?


You can take oil of oregano straight (ohhh, it burns!), or add it in any liquid to make it easier. I like to take oil of oregano and black seed oil in either orange juice or pineapple juice, for energy. Honey and lemon and ginger in warm water or in herbal tea (like lemon ginger, not weird fruity teas) help with sore throats.


To actually prevent colds and flus and shorten their duration, I think oil of oregano is the only thing I've personally found helpful. The other stuff helps with symptoms. Often times I can take some oil of oregano when a cold is coming on, and it just goes away. Not this time though :( I've been sick since yesterday morning, and I'm pretty miserable.





That would never happen, either she's got some infection she doesn't want to talk about ( :P ) or her doctor is insane, everyone knows you have to be careful with prescribing antibiotics, using antibiotics willy nilly or not completing a course of prescribed antibiotics is directly linked to antibiotic resistance which is a major problem, you should only use them when you need them and if you're ever prescribed them, make sure you FINISH them even if you feel better, finish all of it


Yeah, can people please stop suggesting antibiotics for colds and flus. Antibiotics work if you end up with bronchitis or something similar, they do nothing for colds but lower your body's natural immunity and mess up your GI tract so you end up being more susceptible in the future.


There's been several times that my husband has had a cold, and his mom and sister will be all "Let me give you these leftover antibiotics of mine to help" and it's all I can do to refrain from screaming in their faces about how dangerous that is.

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I eat lemons and boil ginger roots. And do impressions more because it's 10x more fun when I'm sick.


I do a mean Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

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