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Olympic Winter Games 2014

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Yay Canada has won gold in Women's Curling :) and they're from my side of town too lol


Also congrats to Sweden and Great Britain on winning silver and bronze respectively

Which side of town is that?

Mans won silver too!

Dudes and Dudettes Team Canada's women's ice hockey team playing against Team USA, after trailing them 2-0, pulled a comeback and force the game into overtime, and win THE GOLD MEDAL 3-2 CANADA WINS WOOOOOOHOOOHOOHOOOO YEAH BABY WE ARE WINTER!!!

I saw bits and pieces it was well intense!


4 man bob sleigh.

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Well done to Canada, who pretty much dominated ice hockey.


Lots of drama on the speed skating and figure skating this year.


Did you watch the closing ceremony? It wasn't so bad. Korea's presentation was interesting.


See you in Korea in 4 years time! ;)


Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (that's in Scotland) start in July, which consist of 17 different sports over 11 days with 71 nations competing.




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