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Brasil 2014!

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I still can't understand why Messi got the Golden Ball. Should have gone to James Rodriguez or Bastian Schweinsteiger. Messi was non-existent, he scored a couple of decent goals against mediocre sides and didn't turn up against the better teams. FIFA is corrupt. I love how everyone booed Platini and Blatter though

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I don't watch much football but I saw skill and inventive plays from Mesut Ozil. The German defense and some of the slide tackles and back checks were precision. They may not play exciting but it's still something to watch a team come together and play like that. Messi, Neymar are gamebreakers, they can take control of the game and carry teams which is always amazing to watch when it happens, but if those players get shutdown the team gets shutdown. Messi looked unremarkable/got shutdown the past 2 games and Argentina scored 0 goals. Neymar was out and look what happened to Brazil.


Anyway, the World Cup was fun. 4 more years till the next time I'm this invested in football (unless I get more involved with the MLS)


Ozil is an exception of the German national side, but he wasn't a core part of their strategy this World Cup. He was hardly involved in the final games tbh, further reflective of the German play style. If you look a majority of the German side were picked not for their skill but rather their physical attributes, the German defence made even Hulk look tiny lol.


With the Argentinian side as m5er said it was sheer exhaustion, the attack were out of form and had been carrying the team from the beginning of the tournament. Not to mention, Manuel Neuer plays goalkeeping a level ahead of the rest of the world he is incredible. Would've been a shocker if Argentina managed to score more than one.



Genuinely creative football and the ones who unearth it are sure hard to come by. I've watched for as long as I can remember, but Ronaldinho was the first player whose football I thought was actually beautiful to watch. He had his own distinct style that you'd be able to recognise a mile off.


I never saw anyone make it look as easy and do it with that much grace. Him and El Fenomeno are my favourite players of all time.


Yes. He is my favourite player of all time. When I heard Barca signed Neymar I was so excited because Neymar has potential to be just as great.



I agree. The Germans are so highly efficient in everything they do (I don't mean just in sports, I mean in EVERYTHING) that it's fracking boring. They aren't passionate, they're just organized and efficient. Booooooooring.


Messi was a pleasure to watch.


German cars are wonderful though.

But yes generally speaking, German culture is quite.. mechanised would be the best word lol.

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