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Here's the next set. c:

5. HITO (hee-toh) = PERSON / PEOPLE ~~ 2 Strokes




優しい です

Kare wa yasashī hito desu. = He is a kind person.

Note: On it's own, this kanji is read as 'hito'. But when it's a compound (used with another kanji)

it can be read as "Nin" i.e. = Ningen = Human being, as well as "Jin", i.e. 日本 = Nihonjin = Japanese person.

6. HIKARI (hee-kah-ree) = LIGHT / RAY / BEAM ~~ 6 Strokes





Taiyō no hikari. = Sun ray(s).

Note: Pronounced as "no" in Japanese, this hiragana character () is a possessive particle, and is also the equivalent to 's (apostrophe 's') in English.

i.e. Watashi no inu = My dog. John no kamera = John's camera. In the example, 'no' is used because the rays belong to the sun.


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7. MORI (moh-ree) = FOREST ~~ 12 Strokes


A gif for the stroke order instead for less confusion;




Watashi wa mori ni ikimashi.ta. = I went to a forest.

Note: One of these means tree, pronounced 'ki'. A lot of kanji are pictures of what they represent.

8. HANE (ha-neh) = FEATHER ~~ 6 Strokes




Tori no hane. = (A) bird's feathers.

Note: This kanji can also mean wings.


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I'd say it's decent for words here and there, but I realised that it's pretty problematic trying to learn from anime. The first thing is, grammar is often compromised in anime scripts. There's also a great lack of etiquette in animespeak that isn't appropriate when interacting with Japanese people, and oftentimes you'll absorb things that aren't actually heard outside of anime. In Japanese, there is a serious emphasis on tone, with multitudes of different words that attach to sentences and define a certain level of politeness and respect. Watching anime is good for developing your ear for the language and for vocabulary, but I wouldn't trust it as an accurate display of the language as a whole. Just a thought.


Also, it would be nice to hear some of your thoughts about anime stuff you're watching/have seen. There's an anime thread in the Entertainment section. Do post in there sometime. New animeheads are always welcome. c:


Yeah i know it is different coz i've watched some Japanese dramas, also mostly watch Korean dramas

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