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Hazera Attempts to Blog

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Assalamuilikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakathu.


So, its as the title reads, i'm going to attempt to blog and what better place to test pilot my writings. Would appreciate your constructive feedback.






The Heart.


A strange instrument. Embedded. Deep rooted the essence of our very existence. Or is it? This organ delicate by nature runs the very system of our body. Pumps the lifeline throughout this entity, yet its mysteries are still to be discovered. Are you following?


It is said that the heart is in its physical being but there is another heart. Another heart? Yes, the spiritual Heart. Delusional right? Wrong. Let me explain. In the years I have breathed the breath’s permitted, some of yourselves my consider me old, others Young and some of yourselves just don’t downright care, But in my life’s experience this spiritual heart has felt many strange (at times unexplainable) and wonderful things. See, Im a feeler, im deeply rooted in my emotions, I sense, I touch, I absorb the vibes around me. Call it a good or bad thing but that’s who I am. I guess this is why I’m so attached to the spiritual concepts of this deen (Islam). These two hearts combined can leave one rather overwhelmed and in recent months that is the very thing I have been feeling.


They say if the Heart is alive, the spiritual heart, many veils are lifted. Surely, then you have been gifted. When I grew older I realised something about my heart and even now I, myself is still trying to understand it, but my spiritual heart has connections with people. Ha! Lost you there haven’t I? Let me explain. My grandfather. My grandfather died when I was 14. I still recall the day at fajr time we received the call from my home country relaying the message. I was in shock. So much that I hid in the bathroom and refused to see anybody, (strange place to hide, I know). Years before this I used to get a strange overwhelming feeling and would burst out crying for no known reason, my mother would say to me, “Do you want to speak to your dada (granddad)?” and then my heart would settle after I spoke to him. Was it because I missed him? Who knows, but at the age of 10, I had not seen my grandfather for years nor did I remember his face? Or how he was in character? yet there was an unexplainable connection that after I spoke to him my heart would find peace. When I finally saw him at the age of 11, my grandfather had dementia and hardly remembered anyone. However, he did remember my father and myself, the day we returned to England, he cried calling out our names. It was ajeeb. Yet I don’t think I’ll forget that scene. The spiritual heart is awakened and it links to other souls and hearts. This very feeling is existent within me today, so if your connection is strong enough with me, you are in my heart. *wink* (I promise you I’m not a creep.)


“listen to your heart,” from the alchemist, something along those lines. Looking at this sentence it is rather ajeeb don’t you think? To physically listen to the heart all you would hear is the lub dub rhythmic beating of the physical organ no? Yes and No. Confused? It’s okay. Me being me, this speaks out to me on all levels, mostly the spiritual. How does one listen to one’s heart you may ask? Well let me tell you it doesn’t happen easily and I don’t think you can master it overnight. But one thing I can say from experience, your heart always pulls you towards the answer, if you aren’t afraid to admit to it. Aren’t afraid to remove the veil of safety that has wrapped itself so cosily. But the less you speak and more you listen the voice of the spiritual heart is stronger, Louder, Powerful. Enough to make you achieve great things. All this from the heart? you chuckle to yourself as you read this? She's crazy. Yes, I'm crazy, but sane people were never fun right?


I think I’m beginning to sound like a mental patient, wrapped up in cuckoo land or some mystic sufi in a dervish dance on a total high. So I shall leave it to here until next time. Listen to your heart. With Dua’s and Love.


Peace. :wave:

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Love it haz! Mashallah. I look forward to the next one. Consider making a blogger page too?

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It seems like you are trying to be profound. Maybe try and work on that. (like don't be a try hard)


Okay thank you, I'm glad it makes you see it that way :D

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