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Ilmfest 2016 Birmingham

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All Islamaphobic insults we face on a daily basis.


With the recent attacks on Western soil anti-islamic sentiments and hate crimes against Muslims are increasing!


But how should YOU, the everyday Muslim, deal with it? OR is it even YOUR issue to deal with?


Islam is OUR deen and therefore OUR responsibility. We need to preserve it for our progeny just as our predecessors preserved it for us.


The first step in doing this starts with ILM..and there is no better place to gain this ilm than at ILMFEST where we will hold academic and stimulating discussions on the topic of Islamaphobia!


Don't miss out


Date and Time: 3rd January-10am


Venue- The New Bingley Hall- 1 Hockley Circus, Birmingham, B18 5BE


LIMITED PLACES- Secure your place now


Register now@ https://goo.gl/c1VrJA


Trailer: https://youtu.be/iMxONH3HBr8


For more info visit www.ilmfest.com


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