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I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

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Dropped her off over at the shop. Gonna get the bike looked at but so far this is on the plate:
1) New track tires (probably Pirelli pro slicks, had them on my older R6 and they worked well for me).
2) Have to find a new right handle bar as the one right now is bent, no biggie.
3) Raise the bike up back to OEM spec.
4) The right engine mount looks to have been broken off? Could be easy or stupid.
5) Oil change.
6) Possibly get the valves adjusted if they're needed.
7) Second hand race fairings will be added too woohoo!

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How reliable has the Ducati been so far?

Changed out the belts so far. Parts plus labor came to $400.


It runs like a champ. I want to convert it to a track bike but when I crash it I'll be super depressed.

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The "before" picture. She was raised back up to OEM spec; she's getting a new right handle bar, new chain and rear sprocket, an oil change, race slicks, the kickstand and yellow fairings will be removed along with the lights and replaced with new track fairings in blue and black (blue's my favorite color). I'll be back on the track in a month!!

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Bike is ready!! I withheld on adding on full fledged track fairings as it saved me $$ and the street fairings with the blue contrast work just fine. Once I crash it I'll get the fancy stuff! First track day is April 9th at Spring Mountain.


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Two weeks ago a good friend of mine broke his collar bone at a track day at California. I had pitted with him and after seeing the ambulance take him away I decided I need some additional protection and bought an airbag vest which has so far worked like a charm (pictured above!).


Last Saturday I was able to get better acquainted with my bike. What's more, I feel I'm almost to where I was at before I crashed on my previous bike at this track. I also got some awesome feedback from a former AMA racer.



Now it's time to get back from where I left off.

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