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I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

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Check it out in 720p60fps


I'm going to focus on the racing line and being smooth before going fast. I spent too much time on the latter and at times I was all over the place.



Some pictures from Apex Pro Photography. I needed to get the outside leg supported on the tank! Once I started doing that in the last session my back pain disappeared. It also made the bike feel more solid as I put more weight on it.
Definitely looking forward to the next season




nice bike!


How tightly are you gripping the handle bars? And yes you need to get your outside leg on the tank. Get some pointers from the instructors - if you can take a track day course those are awesome and will help you a ton.

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Once I started correctly positioning that outside leg my grip loosened up more than before. I know you gotta be light on the bars.


You heard of California Superbike School? Apparently they come down to VA so I'm looking to hit them up in the summer - our season is over now. Dang winter

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Starting to replace the stock parts on my track bike with the basic upgrades! Vortex rear sets, new front and rear sprocket, and a new chain. Get these fitted along with the new slick tires from Dunlop and an oil change and I'm ready to hit the race tracks in 2017! First track day is next Friday.

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She's ready to the hit the race track for 2017! Had to scrap the Jan track day, first track day is Feb 23!!

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