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It is generally accepted that the purpose of a law is not achieved by it just being enacted. Rather, it depends on the manner in which the people respond to it; by adhering to it or by exceeding the limits. Moreover, that which is desired to be achieved by the law is not attained by merely perfecting its drafting and its provisions, but to be more precise, it is better accomplished by being put into practice by those whom it was aimed at, provided that they are motivated from their inside and in their hearts. This motivation comes from their faith in the justice of that law, and their satisfaction with it and, in the case of religion, their belief that they will receive rewards from the legislator for contentedly implementing His decrees and laws. Islamic legislation is founded on the individual’s satisfaction and personal convictions, and Allah also commands to satisfy and use convincing arguments with others when teaching Islam:

21] and speak to them an effective word (i.e. to believe in Allâh, worship Him, obey Him, and be afraid of Him) to reach their inner selves.


21] So remind them (O Muhammad [sal-Allâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam]) – you are only one who reminds. 22] You are not a dictator over them

(al-Ghaashiyah :21-22)It is for this reason that the Prophet (pbuh) was specifically sent.The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Verily, I was sent to perfect honorable morals.”
SOURCE: islamkingdom

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