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The Mother

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It's been ages since I actively posted here. I used to write poetry a little bit when I was 16 but then I quickly dropped it and hadn't written a thing until I picked it back up in June. So I've been writing for only two months now but it's more of a hobby I do more actively. I thought I'd share my most recent piece rather than my usual popping in and saying hello.




I didn't envision this life as a girl
A dropout that gave life to you so young
And raised you, child, all on my own
A white picket fence in the suburbs I lusted for
Instead we go apartment to apartment
Two jobs, 12 hour shifts, anything to make ends meet
I want to cry and scream but then I see you
Whenever I feel it getting too dark
You, my angel, shine light upon it
My child I cherish every moment with you
The doodles in your scrapbook
Are masterpieces in my heart
A child so sweet and perfect
She cooks dinner for mommy before she's home
Your laughter so contagious, I forgot
The thrown drink after I stepped through the door
I don't regret this life I made with you
Because a life without you is imperfect
Happy Birthday sweet child, I love you
Written for all the mothers out there. :)

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