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Hemoshtional intelligence

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Here and above in "questions", you are touching on several subjects that have weighed heavily on me.


That's a good sign. :D


At least my posts have a tendency to make all of you scratch and think ...

and sometimes squirm in confusion. :P

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For me, a huge part of emotional intelligence comes from being able to transcend the impulse and trap of your own emotions/feelings.


So, you are entitled to feel any way you want in a situation- however what you display outwardly should be much more controlled and thought through. People who lack emotional intellligence only know how to react- they don't show awareness of the impact of their behaviours on others- let alone how to modify their actions to achieve a desired result. We have all heard of that cliche "you can only control your own actions" when it comes to dealing with toxic people- and it's so true that you see how much you can actually influence others by managing your outward displays of emotions in front of people.

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