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Most Beautiful Names of God (Allah)

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There are so many names of God of should to be exact, there are 99 names of Allah that we should know. It is a must for us Muslim to know and study the 99 names of God, would be better if we can remember it by heart and use it in our everyday life such as when we are praying or reciting Dua. Among the names are Al-Rahim the Most Merciful, Al Rahman the All Merciful, al Malik the King and Al Aziz the Almighty, the Self Sufficient. These names help Muslims to think of Allah’s unknowable nature.

Click on the hyperlink to see 99 names of Allah with Transliteration, Translation and Quranic Usage

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As-Salaam alaikum,

 Yes, indeed!! and these two beautiful Names Of Allah... AR-RAHMAN, AR-RAHIM... being interpreted as ''the Compassionate, the Merciful'', is only approximate as there is no real equivalent. Both Names imply the idea of Mercy (ar-Rahman corresponds to Mercy which- to use a Qur'anic expression...embraces all things", and expresses the plenitude of Being, its essential bliss and universal nature of its Effulgence; ar-Rahim corresponds to Grace).


As Rahman, Allah manifests Himself through the appearance of the world; as Rahim He manifests Himself divinely within the world.



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The Name Allah refers to the Deity who is worshiped in view of His embracement of all the features of divinity and lordship, and is adored by all creatures by means of love and praise. Almighty Allah has singled out Himself with this Name and distracted people from taking it. All the other Beautiful Names of God can refer to this Name but it does not refer to any Name. In the widely known hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Allah has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who remembered them all by heart will enter Paradise.”

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