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On 12/6/2017 at 3:48 PM, Breeze said:

Dude sent me this as he thought I'd enjoy reading it.

Love Jung's work.


also I have noo goodread friends now :(


I like him too.


I am planning to get this book next: Jung on Art: The Autonomy of the Creative Drive


Lots of crazy but interesting ideas.

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Went to the library, except it wasn't my library as I remember it. 

Smelt of dust everywhere... jheeez they need to bring back the women that used to be there and clean the place up. 

I'm reading the infinite cosmos by Joseph Silk. I ended up stuttering when talking to an old guy who works there. -_- I processed what he said a lot slower lol. I wish they had a better poetry collection, I don't want to be reading poetry from my old high school, it's not interesting or contemporary.


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