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A book about Islam and Science?

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Hi guys! 


I hope you're doing great. 


I don't know if this belongs in the Q&A section, but since it's a question I'll just leave it here :)


Do you have any recommendations for books about Islam and science? 


Or scientific articles that support Islam practices (such as fasting, praying, faith...)?




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i haven't seen a single such compilation that I could recommend without reservation. Usually all the books I have seen are riddled with errors. But you talk about some issues separately.

for example, intermittent fasting is a growing trend now (google it) and shows lot of health benefits and is very similar to Islamic fasting.

zakath is obviously a great way of redistribution of wealth.

Not all islamic practices have an obvious scientific or social benefit, since some of them are very spiritual. You could stretch your arguments to say a proper salah is like a transcendental meditation (google it), which is it self has lot of benefits.


Besides practices, Quran and hadith has incredible predictions and scientific knowledge. As a starting point, you could have a look here:



I'd stay away from some of the populist muslim speakers/writers who make tremendous errors when talking about Islam and science. harun Yahya and hamza tzortzis comes to mind as examples to stay away from.

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