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Mems vs Sal vs b_blah

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Was that apology said for everyone viewing this thread?

For all the bullsh*t we've read, finally gonna shut up instead?

"On your mark, get set" but I'm afraid you forgot to go

brace your ego, explosive lines primed and ready to blow

don't you know you're always a step behind and 3 grades below

of course you'll only pay a dime, it taxed your whole bank roll

punch a hole through your soul, leave you to weep in a heap

your rips are weak while Sal's weakest cuts were more than skin-deep

like Eminem's seed sown, evil is what you're gonna reap

so take some advice from his rap-throne and, b*tch, go to sleep


As an outcast I made fast cash slinging whites and green

but saw the error of my ways, now so fresh and so clean

We own more firearms than of which you will ever have a dream

take your head off while unseen just to release off some steam

driveby in beemers with a scheme, leaving you bleeding and hazy

like morgan freeman, all you'll ever end up driving is miss daisy

Mo Ali was a master of intellectual mind games

you're punchdrunk, cant measure up to the same kind of mindframe


and of Waterloo, it'd be a wetdream for you to get into

the country's number one uni, but the honour won't be given to you

Your rival accepted with 90 averages through and through

not just any old degree, the mech eng department too

oneman aint the only one with a mathematical issue

how the hell did you calculate 0 + 0 = 2?

it must be your ability to doublethink, you doubleplusfool

1984's not about Nazis, so go back to highschool


take a break from this site and grab yourself a Kit-Kat

wouldnt want anger turned to blame-shift, and then "Hate the Maniac"

cuz hes a brainiac, regardless of slight stubborn ignorance

but nothing like your own whimsically-worded belligerence

you're uranium? sure, depleted with radioactive toxicity

like infected troops in the Gulf, with no media publicity


every word of mine based on experiences, spoken in truth

yours is merely imagination, you f*cking immature youth

got that dime from under your pillow for your last baby tooth?

or from working in your driveway lemonade sales booth?


and zan began kissing Sal's feet, after witnessing mems' defeat

craving respect like a b*tch begging for a doggy treat

your confidence is incomplete, easy to see through the deceit

take a seat next to oneman, whos army elite is obsolete


wahabi this, Syed that, what's with this useless chatter

last names or bloodline means sh*t, only your deeds matter

pick up your pace cuz a lyrical race is solely skill-based

this marathon will leave you gasping just to get a taste of last place

resulting judgement dictating that my technique is immortal

Don't insult God by equating us, please I'm merely a mortal

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Keep the 10 cents you’ll need it, this time I’ll let you listen for free

Waiving your fee covers my Zakat, it’s like giving charity

You’re getting too comfortable up in your elevated seat

But your highchair is unstable due to your hastened retreat

I'll write these words elementarily, to give you a chance to compete

It’s only fair to give you hope, before you’re crushed into defeat


Terminology that melts you, 1000 degrees not including humidity

No one left to defend you, so you try to question my validity

These words can and will bend you, yet you strive to test my rigidity

Two votes counted against you, you need more e-respect and less e-stupidity


Blast you so hard you won’t have another chance to cop a plea

The debris knocking three generations out of your family tree

Planning to see you, but no luck for mems’ number one groupie fan

moalz5 all chinky-eyed scanning the neighboring lands

The end is in site for all the unheeded bragging

Cause you ain’t coming back til the year of the dragon


Tell me to pick up the slack then you use similes about cereal?

We better duck down while mems unleashes his grade A material

I’d let you keep score but your judicial skills just got revoked

It’s like a joke, you trying to provoke, but on your broken words you choke

Eyes cloaked, blind to the light like you’ve never awoke

I shouldn’t have to say it, it need not be restated in quote

Your English is worse than an illiterate immigrant Spic who’s still on the boat

You’re up **** creak without a compass, paddle, or canoe

After all if the maniac said it, there’s no doubt that it’s obviously true

It’s no secret in fact, your failures are considered public knowledge

When admissions finds out, you won’t be getting into your dream community college


Got dreams of blowing up? Well here’s a solemn reminder

How you gonna do that lacking the ignition, fuel and primer?

Stick to your armchair recliner and those puzzling word finders

Cause the sobering truth is you that got destroyed by a part timer


You got it wrong this ain’t my job, we're just here to clear up the clutter

How could you consider this fun, a nine iron versus a shot putter?

Make your points clearer, learn how to state valid thoughts and not mutter

Impending victory like a ginsu stabbing through hot butter

We're sending infantry so you better go lock your block shutters

Cause the only flight attending done was with the use of bloody box cutters


So please come to Waterloo, it’s been too long overdue

Bring you’re cheerleading crew, I’m cordially inviting all of you

moalz, one man, and zan pretending they don’t know who

We'll work out our differences, separate my truth from your skewed view

Put your anti-Nazi beliefs under review; not a Syed? That’s no excuse to act like a jew

Don’t be seen by more than a few, don’t start risking a pursuit debut

See yourself on the news, remember from part 2, you’re still on the run

Try to smack me but how the **** you gonna find a John Done?


You took my criticism to heart, so how could you possibly be on my level?

Talk to me when you’re done watching YTV’s after-school special

Behind the frontlines I’m acting calm, it’s stated in ink

Boycotting worse punchlines than at the prom waiting for drinks

You can’t counter half my material, so just pretend you never heard it

And you’re about as controversial as Abdullah’s dinnertime pasta verdict


I accept your apology, soon you'll find leisure in asserting me

It’s funny how it’s now blasphemy, thinking of ever subverting me

While just a week ago you and your friends had never heard of me

Front again, and we’ll leave you six feet deep, measured vertically

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hmm I see…


I can’t understand how you manage to write so much yet say so little

most of your lines don’t even make sense you’re just forcing down words to rhyme


Continue to mess with me boy, I'll enjoy to destroy,

Taking this battle over, like when the Greeks took Troy

destroy what? your dignity? and enough with the history lessons


Calling me Morgan Freeman, he was God in Bruce Almighty,

You two are just flighty, you'll end up deceased

why don’t you expand on what you’re trying to imply with freeman?

weak can’t begin to describe this


I don't have dreams like you, about school and George Clooney
seriously where the hell did he come from


Blah think I got a dime from the lemonade stand?

Who needs that when you got the "Rubber Band Man"?

does anyone else see the correlation? me neither


Gonna need more luck than a four-leaf clover
sorry I don’t rely on luck, only skill


Saying "it need not be restated in quote" well you said you'd cut me with "box cutters"
so you started playing the investigative journalist again


I shouldn’t have to say it, it need not be restated in quote
was referring to:
Mems: I think you have to work on your grammar.
not needing to restate it implies that if you were smart you would have figure out you had poor english the first time

and yet you still misinterpreted it :|


Or maybe that you just ran into a parade of the N.R.A
or maybe he’s in it? why do you set yourself up like this


Callin me a jew, son look whos wearin' the yamaka
umm you?


Freddy and Jason themselves frightened of the man in Blah's avatar
ie. they’re intimidated?


My beating him shook him up, but I guess I silenced him from the sounds
please do yourself a favour and don’t speak too soon


I could go on all day but I’ve said more than enough

personally I’m not gonna dignify this with a response because it comes nowhere near touching my last flow and I’d just be wasting my breath cause none of this seems to be sinking in

you’re about 10 feet down so I suggest you stop digging yourself this early grave

but don’t take my word for it, we’ll just let everyone vote for themselves

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I really don't believe this

man up and admit it when you know you've lost, there's no dishonour in that


you bring in random subjects with no logic or order

please don't again make me have to analyze and explain to you the metaphors and references I used

first try counting the number of times I've alluded to other articles or other themes

or how many times I've refuted every legible statement coming from you


on a lighter note, i vote for hamzah and his unparalleled one liners

how has he not been signed yet??

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listing 60 content-void bars of pre-written lines

consisting of irrelevant disses, mostly generic kinds

hoping for a hit but all were misses, as your respect declines

fully living up to the 'immature' title that I had assigned


barely hit puberty and you're trying to bring it to an elder?

no postschool plans, but you like torches, gonna be a welder?

son im done battling with you, i feel sad for your parents

alternatively i'll make life's hidden lessons transparent

hopefully you'll learn the reality the intelligent see apparent


number one, stop wasting your time on all the arcade games

you've become an ignorant nerd with a 'gangster' charade that's lame

think its weird that Halo fan died, how many hours do YOU claim?

think Islam encourages this? stop putting the Ummah to shame



ok ive decided not to continue this cuz Sal's right, its a waste of time, and i want ppl to vote. listen kid, you're outta your league. all you do is throw a bunch of random insults down, add a "Sal" or "Blah" in there, and then think its hot cuz you have have celebrities and brand names? what are you a corporate whore? everything we've written is directed to you in particular with personalized aspects, is coherent and to the point, carries significance and meaning, and most importantly is TRUE. we DO own BMWs and an array of firearms, Sal IS in mechanical engineering at waterloo uni, and your grammar IS far inferior to that spic's!


So in conclusion, I vote for YOU mems just so that this competition isnt a total shutout.

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I kind of have to agree...


What's the point of bashing each other left and right? Just forget about it...it's not in the Prophet's adab to just keep insulting people.


I find this rather...defacing to our deen.


Wallahu alam.



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its funny how you guys were talking about the issue of 'pride' a while back and to see how much PRIDE you brothers take into your freestyles

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haha, everything I've written is a comeback to your weak disses. LOL

its remarkable how you can miss all the main points of whats being said, then make a comment that SHOWS you didn't understand any of it, while still thinking you're 'on top'....kids these days gotta stop watchin so much TV, its fryin their brains

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nah just vote in here, why bother complicating things

half the people in here barely know how to post anyways


i'm dying to know who zan is gonna vote for

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Unlike other people mems talkes about places, thats hard to do in freestyles. He takes it to the next level by anding places like waterloo.


Vote : mems 1-0 B)

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