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Here’s the story of this one girl I met in my AlMaghrib class. She just recently got interested in Islam eventhough she was born Muslim. Basically she was a beginner when she took the AlMaghrib class. At the same time she was desperately looking for a job which seemed almost impossible. This was basically the low point in her life since in Toronto she used to have an amazing job and once she moved here things changed.

So the first weekend of AlMaghrib we spoke about Zakaah and of course this lead to interest and how its haraam in Islam. After that weekend she got an interview at CIBC, the same company for which she worked in Toronto, thus she knew that she had good chances of getting the job. When she came back the second weekend some of the girls asked her what happened with the interview and she told them that it was CIBC who had interviewed her and she also told them how she was 100% sure that she would get the job because the interview went amazing and she was soooo happy abt it. Suddenly one of the girls told her in a very polite manner that maybe it wasn’t the best choice because the position they were offering her had to do with riba and basically by working there she would be encouraging it.

Something of that sort, im not really sure the EXACT reason as to why it wasn’t right for her to work there coz im the worst person when it comes to finances and banks and whatnot. All I know that it definately had to do with riba and that was the same reason. So yeah ppl don’t get on my back asking me why it isn’t permissible and all :P I don’t know the answer!!! Anyway just to confirm this, she went to the Sh. Muhammad Alshareef and asked him if it was true and he told her that it was and explained the whole thing to her.


Now here’s the amazing part…after the course was over she got a call from CIBC to let her know that she had gotten the job and they wanted her to come and work right away. Apparently she got there half way through and then stopped and returned back home. She just couldn’t….and she didn’t get out of the house the whole day because she knew if she did she would get tempted to go there. Then I called her one day and asked her what happened with her job and she told me the whole story.


SubhanAllah I was amazed at this girl’s taqwa. A simple Muslimah who just recently started learning abt Islam…and she has more taqwa then some of the more knowledgeable ppl in this world.

She told me “Asma I personally think insha Allah ill get something better because of my decision. If not then there’s always the reward in the hereafter”

And to top it all off, she didn’t even think of it as a big deal. She didn’t quite understand why I was soo happy. It proved to me that when someone does something out of real taqwa, they don’t think of it as something big because they know this is their duty to please Allah subhanahu wa ta’Ala and they know that what they did is something normal that should be done on a regular basis.

Another thing that got me real happy is to see someone taking riba so seriously. I mean apparently the job position that she was offered with was very very attractive. Even more attractive for a person who has already worked there and who loved it in the past.

Riba is something very serious in Islam however nowadays the society makes it seem like a small issue. If ppl do know about the seriousness of it, they just tend to ignore it thinking that Allah subhanahu wa ta’Ala will forgive them because everyone else is doing it too.


Now this girl proved to be a real student of knowledge…a student who learns something and then applies it in her life right away. No matter how hard it may be.


Like Sh. Muhammad Alshareef mentioned at the RIS…people look at the life at the sahabi radhiyAllahu’anhum and say “I can’t be like them….these ppl were just exceptional”

No, it is possible! You’re just not doing it the right way.

Some examples are right in front of you, among this generation.

Look at this girl and tell yourself, if an ordinary person (although I wouldn’t really consider her to be ordinary) like her was able to do it, why cant you?


People, you gottta race for Jannah. When you’re in a race, everything around you seems insignificant…all that matters is that medal which is waiting for you. You’re running eventhough it hurts and there are times when your legs are in pain but you tell yourself just a little bit more.


Anyway you guys get the point right…ima shut up now…once I start I just don’t stop eh.

But really guys remember Islam is really not complicated, its just a test. You want to know why, because the same girl who gave up her job for the sake of Allah ‘Azaa wa Jal found another job now alhamdulillah…and she is happy and satisfied with it.


Finally just wanted to add one of my gems from AlMaghrib class which perfectly relates to this story:

A person with real taqwa is the one who is concerned about the smallest issues just as much as the biggest issues

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mash'Allah Asma- that was a lovely story- very humbling :)


I was going to make a new post for this, but it seems to fit into the theme of the thread here (d'oh- Taqwaa :P )!


This is a really beautiful description, enjoy :D







Qualities of the People of Taqwaa




Hamman ibn Shuraih – a companion of Ali (RA) – asked him to narrate the qualities of the people of Taqwa so that he would be able to see them in front of him. Ali (RA) said:


“When Allah created His creation, He did so while He was completely independent of their obedience towards Him and of their disobedience towards Him. No disobedience can hurt Him and no obedience can benefit Him. Then He distributed amongst them (the creation) their means of sustenance and placed them on earth. The people of Taqwa on earth are those of virtue: their speech is correct (true); their garments are of moderate nature and their walk is one of humility. They lower their gaze when they see something that Allah has forbidden them to see and they give ear to beneficial knowledge. They maintain their integrity in both adversity and prosperity.


Had it not been for the appointed time that Allah has written for them (death), their souls would not remain an extra second in their bodies out of yearning for reward and fear of punishment. The Creator ranks Supreme in their eyes, so everything else becomes immaterial to them. They are with Paradise as if they had already witnessed it and enjoyed its presence. They are with Hell as if they have already seen it and tasted its torment. Their hearts grieve and their evil (if any) is non-contagious. Their bodies are lean, their needs are few and their souls are chaste.


They observe patience for a few days and experience everlasting comfort. This is a profitable exchange that their Lord has made pleasant for them. The world tempts them, but they do not succumb. It imprisons them, but they ransomed themselves in exchange.


During the nights they stand in rows and read portions of the Quran. They recite with proper recitation which grieves their hearts and drink it (the Quran) like medicine. If a verse of yearning comes along, they reach for it and believe it is their destination. If an intimidating verse comes along, they pour their hearts towards it and believe that Hell and its screams are in their ears. They sleep on their foreheads and elbows (i.e. they engage in prayers so much that it is as if they sleep in those postures) and implore Allah to deliver them.


In the day, they are tolerant and learned, kind and God-fearing. Fear has chipped away at their bodies as if they were arrows. Anyone looking at them would think that they were sick. But they are not sick. Some will say that they are confused. A great fear has made them look like that. They are never content to do only a few actions (during the day), nor do they ask for a great deal. They condemn themselves and are apprehensive about their deeds.


If one of them is called “pious”, he fears what will be said of him and says: “I know myself better than you do. My Lord knows me better than I do. O Allah! Do not take me to task for what they are saying about me and (O Lord) make me better than they think. Forgive my sins which they do not know about.”


Their signs are that they are strong in Islam, resolute in their softness; firm in their belief. They crave for knowledge and are knowledgeable with tolerance; moderate in richness; pleasant in hunger; forbearing in distress; seeking Halal; active in (pursuing) guidance and they abhor greed.


They perform good deeds in fear (of rejection). They spend the evening in gratitude and the morning in remembrance. They sleep in alarm and they awake in joy. If their carnal selves make it difficult for them to fulfil that which they dislike they deprive them (their selves) of that which they like. The apple of their eyes is in what does not perish and their abstemiousness in what disappears. They combine knowledge with tolerance and speech with action.


You will find their hopes are realistic, their mistakes few; their hearts humble, their selves content; their diet meagre, their matters simple, their Deen safe-guarded, their desires killed and their anger subdued. Goodness is expected from them and evil is shielded against them. If they are among those who are oblivious, they are counted amongst those who remember (Allah). If they are among those who remember, they are not written among the oblivious. They pardon those who wrong them; they provide for those who deprive them, and meet those who severe ties with them. They are never profane and always lenient. Their wrong doings are almost non-existent and their good deeds are always present. They are resolute when the earth quakes, steadfast in calamities and grateful in prosperity.


They are no prejudiced against those they dislike nor do they favour those they love. They acknowledge the truth before it appears and do not lose anything they are entrusted with. They do not call anyone names nor do they hurt their neighbours. They do not curse at the time of difficulties nor do they venture into falsehood.


Silence does not bother them and if they laugh, they do not raise their voices. If they are treated with injustice they remain patient until Allah vindicates them.


Their own selves live in toil while others are comfortable around them.


Their abstinence from those who stay away from them is their exoneration (from malice). Their proximity to those who are close to them, is a means of mercy (for those who are close to them). Their remaining aloof is not out of pride and arrogance and their being close is neither a ploy nor a scheme.

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Wow, jazakillah for the posts Asma and Zimarina! :flower:


May Allah make us all people of taqwa. Ameen

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