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I am not so much of a poetic person, but I do like to read/write poetry once in a while. I am not that good at it but i just give it a shot. so yah, my point here is you can post any sorta writing, poetry, crap etc etc. here.

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The thing is I havent written anything lately and most of my stuff is already posted on the other website BT. So yah, it would be kinda weird to post all of that back here again. I will post once I write smtng.

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k I love this junoon song:


We are going back to dust

And never you forget it.


When we go we will never be back.

Never forget it.

We are going back to dust

And never you forget it.


Everything you dream and I dream

Is going back to dust.

Everything is going back to dust

And never you forget it.


Everything you sing and I sing

Is going back to dust.

Everything is going back to dust.


Every secret we have between us

Is going back to dust.

Everything is going back to dust.


The songs on our lips,

The dreams in our eyes.

The secrets in our hearts--

Everything is going back to dust.

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I am writing my autobiography so buy it when it is done okay? And it would be too long to post here anyways.... :)

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I am writing my autobiography so buy it when it is done okay? And it would be too long to post here anyways.... :)

i will come to ur book signing

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hey lil star in the sky,

can u tell me how to fly?

cauz i wanna get close to you

and shine on ppl like you do:$

so tell me what ure secret is

and let me be a part of this..

ill promise,

ill never leave u alone

with me u will find a home

together we will fly,

just you and me

in this beautifull sky :dance:

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i dont know what this is. sorry i keep spammoing this topic, its just i have extra curricular hw involving my writing and this topic is helping me lol <3


I trap myself in a coffin

I cannot escape.

my breathing is heavier then usual

i remember our nights together

you lay there pretending not to know a thing;

when you knew, the explosion of time that bound me to your


ooh that ones funkay.

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I'm a newbie to this forum but I have been a member of other forums for a few years now (my postcount at boards.theforce.net is over 1000). I am a student by vocation and poet by choice. Here's one of my many babies:


Poetic Justice


oh epiphany, sweet sweet epiphany

a dire change in the very heart of me

if it makes sense a little, then believe

through the thick scum of everything I sieve

trying, with the heedless optimism of youth

trying to find the miniscule grain of truth

that hides, unseen, within thick dark clouds

black rotting corpses in shredded shrouds

the blood long since dried, sins long forgiven

absolution finally found, the penance shriven

long finished, long undone, ancient antique

all of the strong and weak -- and the meek

all arrayed in the same angelic bone-white

all lying, asleep, numb by day and by night

old hatreds and loves set far, far aside

they watch as the hapless living again confide

and are betrayed once, twice, and twice again

watching the ever-fickle beating hearts of men--

-- and women -- waver in certain uncertainty

having opposite after contradictory epiphany

pettiness and greed, mindlessness and need

the sinner and the winner and loser and the bede

living as equals in the rich deepbrown soil

as they could not live in their lives of toil

equal in eternal death as not in short life

equal in rest as they could not be in strife

my mother, my chosen lover, my dearest friend

all united with me in one dust in this end

nothing to tear apart, to divide, to hurt

only endless decomposition into finite dirt

funeral done, life complete, requiem said

I want in life the pure evenness of the dead

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How fate treats us and what we go through isn't our choice...........

Fake smiles and artificial laughter to hold back the tears...........

Alarming instincts, confused minds and eyes are in search.........

Unrevealed secrets, concealed feeelings and words unsaid.........

Thoughts are conflicted as we long to feel a loving touch..........

Scars of heart ache at the hands of secrets untold........

All golden times in life are overwhelmed by our insanity.....

As we wait for destiny to decide what we have to face next........

The sorrow is then lost through the eyes as everflowing streams.........

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No Tomorrow



Thank God It’s Friday. The teachers felt the best way of punishing students was to give us pages upon pages of homework. Stupid high school. On Friday they finally gave us a break and coincidentally Fridays are the days when I liked to have fun. I used to go to clubs. What senior didn’t? Now I was introduced to the clubbing scene by my basketball friends so it’s only fair I pass the torch around and introduce some of my friends to it as well. My first target: my new buddy Fahad.


“So Fahad, what are you doing tonight?” I asked politely.

“Nothing…. why?” he replied back.

“I know you’re new to this town Fahad,” I explained, “and I got just the thing for you to make new friends.”

“Oh really? What’s that?”

I think I had him. I flashed my award-winning smirk. “Club Fatality” I said happily.

“No way” Fahad shot back. I knew what he was thinking though. He probably thought Muslims shouldn’t go to clubs or whatever.

I shook my head in disappointment. “Don’t give me that good-Muslim baloney. You and I both know there is plenty of time for us to be good Muslims in the future. Now is the time to have fun man.”

I think I got him. Fahad didn’t know what to say. I may not be the greatest Muslim in the world but at least I know how to have fun. It seems Fahad didn’t even know what that word meant. He scratched his head and said, “I don’t know man… Club Fatality?”

I smirked again. “Live like there is no tomorrow.”



* * *

We did the ritual of standing in line outside the club. This part always killed me. The tension just grips you. I looked over at Fahad. He wore the geekiest thing you could think of to this place. I was embarrassed but I knew he was learning.


“Man I shouldn’t have lied to my parents. I told them I was going to your house to study!” Fahad said nervously.

“Everyone lies man don’t worry. Just start telling the truth in the future” I assured. I made a good point if I do say so myself. If we all start telling the truth now at a young age then we’d never be able to have fun.

The line started to trickle into the club. We started to move closer to the entrance. I noticed Fahad started to sweat. “Okay listen! When I’m in there I’m not going to do ANYTHING! No drinking, no girls, no nothing!” he shouted.

Some cute girls who were behind us in line overheard this and started giggling to themselves. I turned red and slapped my forehead in shame. “Fahad man, shut up. You’re embarrassing me. Come on, we’ll talk inside” I told him.


The club was rich in atmosphere. Majority of the clubbers were people in high school and college. On one side of the club was a dance floor with loud music blaring and teenagers dancing about. On the other side was a gloomy looking bar with people drinking beer and laughing. I could sense Fahad getting the jitters.


“I think I had enough. Let’s get outta here.” Fahad said suddenly.

As Fahad started to walk towards the exit I pulled him back. Fahad was a bit more old-fashioned than I thought. My plan was to increase the pressure. I said to him, “You walk out of here and you’ll forever lose my respect. Come on man quit being such a loser.”

“I don’t feel comfortable…” Fahad murmured.

I smirked again. “Come on I got something that’ll help you out.”

We walked towards the bar. It’s the only thing I could think of that would calm this guy down. I glanced down the booths and saw one of my older buddies, Kevin sitting with his girlfriend. “What’s up Kevin?” I said.

Kevin smiled as he blew smoke into the air. He flicked his cigarette into the ashtray. “What’s shaking?”

“Listen… I need you to buy me two drinks.”

Kevin started laughing. “Haha, again? Sure thing man. Anything for my favourite point guard.” Kevin got up from his seat and walked towards the bar. I used to play basketball with Kevin. He introduced me to this place actually. Unfortunately I wasn’t old enough to buy drinks.


“Who said I wanted to drink?!” interrupted Fahad. Beads of sweat rolled down his head.

“Calm down man it’s just a social drink.” I reassured.

Fahad shook his head. He was caught in a dilemma. I know he had never drank before and he didn’t want to disappoint me. However if he backed out now he would have made me look like a loser in front of Kevin. He HAD to drink to this.

“There’s no WAY I can finish this.” Fahad said.


Kevin and his girlfriend started laughing. This was already turning embarrassing.

“Just drink whatever you can you geek.” I whispered to him.

Fahad took the glass of beer and brought it closer to his mouth. I knew he was going to back out last second. I gave him the nod that it’ll be okay. With myself, Kevin and his girlfriend watching, he began to chug the beer down. I remember the first time I drank beer… the alcohol burned my throat. That’s how Fahad looked right now. He closed his eyes as he poured the rest of the beer down his throat. Fahad stumbled backwards and was lucky enough that I caught him.


“Hah, you brought a rookie eh?” inquired Kevin.

“A rookie?” I replied, “Naw man, Fahad is a veteran. Right man?”

Fahad was too dizzy to bother replying. One drink and he’s already tipsy? Talk about low alcohol tolerance. I had to force him. I can’t look like a loser in front of Kevin.

Kevin glared at Fahad suspiciously. “Looks kind of like a wuss to me man. You sure do love bringing losers in here don’t you man?” His girlfriend let out a cackle. I turned red.

“No trust me he’s a veteran. Drink mine Fahad.” I ordered.

It was almost as if Fahad had no control left in him. He grabbed the drink from me and chugged it down immediately. Kevin started laughing.

“This guy is really cute.” said Kevin’s girlfriend. “What was his name again? Fadwad?”

“Fahad.” I said proudly (finally some acceptance). “He just moved here, I’m just showing him the ropes.” Fahad finished the drink but started wobbling all over the bar. Clearly something was wrong.

“Yo, are you all right?” I asked him.

“Shut the hell up man…” Fahad replied as he stumbled over me.

Kevin and his girlfriend started laughing again. I joined in on the laughter. Fahad looked over at Kevin’s girlfriend and his impulses started to rage. He couldn’t control himself. He lunged over to her and planted a big, wet kiss on her lips. Kevin and I roared in laughter that filled the bar.


“Ewww!” she shouted as she stood up. She shoved him off as Fahad plopped to the ground. He started to giggle. Kevin smiled.

“This guy is hilarious man. Bring him again next time.”


* * *

I dragged Fahad out of the club and helped him walk down the sidewalk. I didn’t expect this to happen to Fahad on the first night.

“Didn’t you have fun man?” I asked politely.

Fahad started to make gurgling noises.


“I agree.” I replied jokingly. “You know Fahad, at first I thought you were kind of a loser when you came here. You know, you didn’t drink. You didn’t smoke. You didn’t do any of that stuff that our religion didn’t want us to do. I mean it’s okay for adults to avoid that stuff but we’re kids man. No need to get tied down with that crap. Like I said… plenty of time to be religious in the fut-” I looked around. Fahad wasn’t at my side.


I turned around to a horrific sight. Fahad was walking on the middle of the road. “H-H-Hey man, can you do this?!” shouted Fahad as he started to do a pathetic dance on the city’s busiest street.


Too late. A speeding car was on its way and when the headlights struck Fahad he stood frozen like a deer. Fahad couldn’t think of anything to say or do. He simply froze. “Son of a-”


WHAM. Fahad went flying in the air and landed with a sickening thud. He wasn’t moving. I really couldn’t believe at what I just saw. A lot of blood was draining from him. I took out my cellphone and dialled 9-1-1. God what the hell did I do?


* * *

I sat on the curb and watched as the medics pulled Fahad’s body into the ambulance. I very well knew that Fahad was dead. Tears filled my eyes. Deep down I knew it was my fault for bringing Fahad. I knew it was I that killed Fahad. I noticed that Fahad’s parents were on the opposite side of the road. They broke down in tears watching their dead son being wheeled away into the ambulance. I shook my head when he remembered that the last thing Fahad said to his parents was a lie. This was a wake-up call. I realized that I could have been Fahad and that I could die at any second. I recognized that this “religious future” I always talked about may not even exist. I think the only way to make a religious future is to start being religious now. I finally understood my own motto, “Live like there is no tomorrow”.

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*The Dead Soul Of Mine*


Through the thunderous night,

I walk to you

The sky is dismayed by memories of the past

I’m withering away into the dark light

The dark light I have loathed

For many years

Yet it’s the only place I have known

My dreams are what keep me awake,

I will one day find my way,

But for now,

The dark light is hovering over me


Through the thunderous night I walk,

To find some meaning,

To seek some answers

To find my true self

For it has been many years,

Since I was born,

I have been taken over since,

My thoughts are not of my own,

Always a deceitful smile on my face,

Kept my feelings locked in a safe place

Not even a single soul can get a hold of it


Through the thunderous night I walk

You can hear me lament a thousand-mile away

All the misery

All the Anguish,

I have suffered

So many secrets and lies

I know.

I have been dying inside

More and more each day and night

For this shattered soul of mine

Nothing can be done.


This everlasting walk I take

Will be the cessation of me

It has come so soon

This walk I always see in my sleep

In the nightmares that I am haunted by

I say good night….good night eternally…



Now let me rest in peace…





i cant believe i wrote that.....its horrible! i hate such poems now...

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"live like there's no tomorrow'... yeah it all makes sense when you look at it the right way.i like your attitude Hamzah, keep it up. mashaAllah. (but seriously, tell me the story's made up)

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