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kicked a stone in front of me

it landed ten feet behind

i cursed with such audacity

that it made my eyes go blind


confused a this turn of events

i decided to sit on the floor

but it happend to be an air vent

and i was blown to a nearby store


i dusted myself as i looked up

the sign said 'we sell friction'

i bought myself a jar in a manner abrupt

later wonderin how i read without vision


i wondered what to do with my jar

for i knew not a single friction recipe

it suddenly hit me, and i thanked the stars

for chocolate syrup, the all-purpose remedy


- rafey

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^ very thought-provoking.


Rafey: thas an awesome poem..but i dont exactly get it. Is it sorta like "from the eyes of a stone"?

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i have a poem please don't laugh because i'm not that creative :blush:


I love you with all my heart

I never want us to grow apart

Promise me you'll never change

Because we need each other through the aches and pains


dedicated to Muninah (LPP) :wub:

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wow Hamzah...that story is deep



10secs ago, i told Madi....read the story Hamzah wrote it has a deep meaning to it and this is her reply " :o Ham bhai goes to clubs....since when"

:lol: i couldn't stop laughing


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yeah you really should become a writer you really should you should n im serious.,

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Time, in time, eventually is timeless,

Having flattened out into a sea.

In moments of sufficient mass is oneness,

Reduced to what might seem eternity.

There is in love a similar dynamic

Yielding to the outpourings of years,

Endless end, redemption oceanic,

Infinite home for memories and tears.

Give, then, due thanks for love that lasts forever,

However long that is, a depthless deep

That rests beneath the restless waves of ever,

Happily the one thing you may keep.

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Hi. I have decided to become a writer. This story is my first story. The beginning of a genre classified all by itself. I shall call it: The Cat. Tears and joy mark the beginning of this genre. I now welcome myself into the world of literature and hope this stay in this beautiful world will be long and fruitful. I like peaches. :yes:


On Topic.

By: Beena J.


Little John was a little five year old boy. The other day, his mother had went to the county school and enrolled him in the local elementary school. When Little John found out he was a little disturbed yet at the same time a little excited.


"I wonder what type of adventures the children go through at school!" He mused.

He decided to ask his friend Naveed about school the next day. "What do children do at school?" he inquired.


"If you think school is a place where kids play, you are very mistaken. At school, all we do is read," Naveed replied scratching his head. "I'm hungry by the way. A little thirsty too, heh."


Little John thought the last statement was a little redundant, but he didn't want to be rude to his friend by telling him so, so he ignored it. "Ohh!!" Little John exclaimed, "If all you do is read, then do you go to a different school to learn how to write?!"


"Oh, you dummy! Reading includes everything from mathematics to mechanical engineering! This weekend we learned how to build a rocket. Father was so proud," said Naveed reproachfully. "Say, I'm hungry! Let's get something to eat. Your mom is good cook, heh."


Little John thought the last statements were a little redundant again so he said, "I found the last statements a little redudant."


Naveed had always known his friend to be a little odd at times, but he didn't want to be rude to his friend by telling him so, so he ignored the statement.


The End.

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What a wonderful story, Beena. mA, mA as you would say.


Everything looks so beautiful in water. Everyone looks so beautiful in water. The fattest legs look nice moving in the water- drilling each stroke, pulling in with that last burst of strength. A rusty leaf lying at the bottom of the pool drags in the orange light under the water and contrasts with the blue. A dive off the block and a leap into the water equal one body rising mesmerisingly to the top, kicking like a dolphin. The bubbles exhaled under the water look magnificent rising up in a perfect line of circles. A head coming out of the water for one last gasp of breath and a flip off the wall seem to happen faster than the blink of an eye. Arms moving in perfect motion, synchronizing with one another over ten lanes. Sunlight bouncing off dark, mirror goggles and white caps. A flash of a purple suit followed by an orange one. The twist of a body rolling smoothly into a streamline back stroke resembles a car switching lanes. Quick and smooth. The water, frigid at first, is warm under the rain pouring from above. Legs moving in strong rhythm, muscles beating rapidly like a heart, arms going in and out, fingers grabbing for the black T on the wall ahead. Red and white lane ropes inches away from the swimmer. One moment of the head being above the water, one moment of looking at the blue and white flags, then bam- your head goes straight back in. I wish I was a fish; always living in this floaty, dreamy, surreal world, looking above at the light bouncing off the water, doing acrobatics and watching the world in blue.

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Things were going fine before

We were talking about the usual

How’s life, what are you doing

I told you something about myself

I different side of how I felt

And you said that I had a shoulder to cry on,

That your shoulder was my shoulder

And I felt that this was the beginning,

Even though we just met

In my heart I knew we would be friends and that was it

We have our laughs all the time,

You called me a clown and said it was fine

Doing goofy stuff for you wasn’t bad

But it was good and that was that

I don’t know you that well that’s why I was working at it

Trying to get to know you better

Asking questions to find out about the real you

And then it happened

You told me we couldn’t talk anymore

Even though we just go to know each other it couldn’t go on

It had to stop before something would start

Past experiences made you feel like what you were doing was wrong

I still don’t and probably never will,

Know why you blame yourself for this

It isn’t your fault that happened

Your punishing yourself for something that happened

At first when you told me I felt perfectly fine

But after you left, after you were gone I broke

My body started aching

It felt like my heart was breaking

It feels like I’m losing something precious

But there if one thing for sure

I’m not going to get over this I’m going to get through it

You will always be in my prayers

Because I always wished the best for you

I hope that you’ll have a good life

Take care of yourself, and I’m sorry that this had to happen

Not for me but for you, I’m sorry your going through this

But my prayers are and always will be with you.

:o Muninah..............omg that's so good, stupid y don't you ever show me your work :angry: ........you make me :cry: from the inside

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Why not? I'm pretty crazy. I gel my hair.


Once I showed my bus pass to the bus driver WITHOUT signing it. Take that.


-Rebel Hamzah



i was reading your comment listed above to my friend (who takes the GO bus aswell), and she screamed, "what?????"... the next thing she did was to pull out her pass, and showed it to me...


lo and behold: it was NOT signed... actually she didnt even know that u were even supposed to be signing the pass... moron...


so much for u being 'rebel 7amza7'.

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