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Almost at the end of FMA:B. I really like it but it seems like they are dragging the last ten episodes. What I really like about this anime is that the female characters are not all hot headed air heads. At first, when they introduced Winry, I thought all the girls were going to be like that but the female characters are pretty strong and no nonsense. Even Winry has developed into a better character than she was at the outside, she still has her moments but she is valued as an excellent auto mail mechanic and isn't used purely for comic relief. Olivier Armstrong scares me and so does Alex, but for very different reasons. I think this is first time, since SnK and Helsing, that I've seen really good female characters.


As for the ending of the Legend of Korra. What an utter disappointment! The last fight was SO anti-climatic and boring. The fight with Zaheer in season 3 was tons better, even the Unalaq crap was better than this fight scene with Kuvira. And it ended with a hint that Kora and Asami became a couple, although I pretty much expected that since they both broke up with Mako.

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