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Mems Vs oneManArmy

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heh i still remember you rippin another guy's lines

thought you got away, but it's time to pay your fines

cuz no matter who gets the podium, we know you're dead last

nobody's forgotten BT, its time to dig up your past


watch me singlehandedly resurrect this game

mems your grip loosens, i see your strength drain

you're a disgrace to this place, like the 'roid poppin mcguire

heck, you don't even belong in a schoolgirl choir


with all the sh*t you talk, pretendin to be pimpin

don't forget we caught you lip-synching like ashlee simpson

just try me, i'll snipe you and your friends like sitting ducks

step down now, just blame your lameness on acid reflux


your rhymes can't match mine, you're washed up like master percy

lyrically snappin your bones, makin you beg for mercy

kids, learn a lesson from mems before you drive into the night

don't piss me off, or i'll eat you alive at first sight



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crap i gotta leave, won't be back on til tomorrow morning. ugh.

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good job guys! :)


Hey i was reading this...and in the middle of it i had to get up....and then i come back and my dad is sitting here reading it....im like um.


He goes...what is this gandi cheez you look at. This is rotting the brain, i am dissapointed in you.



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Yeah, that's true. They've got talent. They should be writing poems about flowers and birds and trees. :yes: But nooo. lol



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