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I don’t type, I sit and wait til the keys press themselves

And since your whole cyphe is ****, it’s like recess in hell

I de-stress myself by practicing patience and meditation

Future med school grad, overdosing patients on medication

You better face it, I’m about to run up on you in desperation

Blast you so far off the ground you’d think you knew levitation

If you think I won’t hurt you then damn that’s some tough luck

And if the ***** got a curfew then damn that’s a young slut

Yesterday I heard a whack verse by some dumb ****

They had to clean up the mess with a black hearse and a dump truck

Took a walk through the park, yeah I keep it real son

Jacked some kid’s super soaker and gave him a real gun

Who cares what others think, you don’t gotta do what’s cool

Gave him a short lecture then he agreed to shoot up his school

Hit up the club to celebrate and tried to freestyle in between tracks

The DJ beat me with the mic after bringing the beat back

Went to rehab with some cheap crack and sold it in one night

Got clean, walked home and OD’d off the sunlight

I tried to reach for my cell but it was too late for help

Cause I never hit the ground, I fell straight through to hell

Landed in a lake full of lava, put on a suit plated with armour

Ran up and C-4’d the east door off Satan’s apartment

Walked in like what you looking at me for

It’s your fault I never learned what a key’s for

He seemed pissed, balled up fists, so I drew my steel sword

***** this is for every sin I’ve ever committed before

For corrupting our saviours and breaking our trust

For turning the world into rapists and drunks

For teaching me how to flavour my blunts

I’ma do humanity a favour for once

I stepped forward and aimed straight for his heart

Swung my blade so hard I dislocated both arms

You thought your ass was so ruthless but ***** I’ll disprove it

I swung again, he fell in a heap and stopped moving

This is our victory day, we’re free to live out in true bliss

I hesitated for a sec, laughed then said ahh screw it

Grabbed his staff then went back to earth with his to-do list



remember the rules :)

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omg sal...salam....u prolly dun remember me, but im zan da man, who TRIED to freestyle in the old school days...mems wud remember....but this place has definitely changed man, and tht was sick flow there man, u really kicked it....have u eva actually thought bout gettin into tht ****,....like immoral technique bro?

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Well I had a look at this freestyle thing so i was thinking i should make a freestyle as well,

I am using no structure whatsover and it is a mischmash as well as a loads of non-rhymes. well sometimes.

So enjoy.




Every day the world is full of crap

the reality is a farce and people listen to commericialed Rap

The ones who deserve honour and homage are in the graves

everyone screams yo and yeah and going with the flow like slaves

only dead fishes however go with the flow

and losers who have no opinion in life sit in groups and behave like a crow

*****ing about each other and being backbiters

it is sin which rules this world and you can not beat up these flame igniters

i am a critizist and perfection is my aim

however noone cares noone gives a damn

the light is darkness and darkness is light

thats what the ideology is of humankind

people full of stupidness and full of ****e

I am just writing what is in my mind

I do not care if you believe this is wrong or this is right

the society is addicted to wrong gods

by danw or by night

to television, computers and the Ipods

innocence is banned and however the norm is sin which leads to "pleasure."

reality however shows abstinence that better.

make me a judge i will wipe them out like a (e)-razor.

On the day I die I will find peace and the first time the world will shatter.


You are doomed to die on the day you are born,

you have no option you can not change that destiny you can only mourn

but selfishness creates this feeling

if you think about yourselff go to hell

because of your past and your problems the world wont be kneeling

in front of you so you can be in a safety cocoon or shell

wake up and live the way you want

change your future so you know you have peace and tranquility

this will give you everything may grant

you the peace and give you new abilities

Make the changes in you dont ask anyone for help

Be a man and face your opponent

Dont be a dog and cry, bark and yelp

Be your own master and take the banner and crescent


so yeah

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haven't scratched the surface of this website,

it's like i got this ultimate freezer bite,

not visiting the good people who have crazy things to write,

well i am sorry i was gone but i have torched my light,

and as i rise i defend what is true in dis world,

learning that it consists more then jus my gurl,

well i am a bird in flight, checkin the sight,

becoming unpredictable with deeds like a kite,

praying i can be right there on the side of sal,

paying a visit to my devastating red beastly pal,

reaching for a sword but instead catching the to-do list,

crunching it in my hand with a mighty fist,

saying damn sal, didn't you already learn,

didnt you already feel the pain from the first burn?

sal agreein and giving me the staff which is as white as a fern,

i look at sal hit him, and tell him "sorry bud, but it's my turn"

turn around while he stay laying, and the rest of the people praying,

lookin at the world for what it is displaying,

think about warning from New York to Jordan,

singin like bob sinclair, world hold on...

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thanks... i guess

let's revive this forum

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Back on top of the flock, not by popular-demand

But from popping-all-your-mans, with a glock-to-all-your-fans

Hopping-out-the-Lam, materialism I don’t partake

But Dre prescribed tight-whips, side effect: rapid-heart-rate

I make *****es white-lipped, leave faggots-scar-faced

You the type to call-Jake, as soon as my speaking-occurs

Hot flow make you bleed-from-the burns like raw-steak

Some claim to haul-weight, these-guys-are-stupid

Donning Levis from the Gap, three-sizes-too-big

Claiming they make-powdered-rock and can freestyle-like-Proof-did

Come back when your fake-album-drops over refiled-acoustics

See-I’m-just-too-sick, you keep a cheap-high-from-glue-sticks

My buzz-bigger-than-crack, make cats OD-via-music

Make dumb-niggers-relapse, I’ve seen three-die-off-two-hits

The-fiends-might-abused-it so I keep-underground

Until the greed-come-around and I rewrite-some-new-****

Terror tactics don’t phase-me, hope they realize-it’s-useless

Your crew wanna take-me, ok.. these-guys-and-whose-clique?

I stay rolling under peach-skies, the-coupe-stick

Log on and post... the beef-dies-with-two-clicks

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Still after the beat dies, the bodies piled knee high

Still nobody phase me, I'm still under peach skies

Ain't nothing change, I still roll the same as I used to

Jack your optical mouse and use the friggin' laser to shoot you

I can sing to your clique cause my clip's in tune

And I stand by the 2 clicks cause it's click-click-boom

Sal = you? Sorry but that comes up undefined

You can't genocide my race nigggaa I'm one of a kind

One at a time, I'll handle those wanting a death wish

But first re-read this forum and then come to your senses

Attacks are relentless, just need a 56K to commence it

It's really not that expensive to launch my Ramadan offensive

Strapped a bomb to my pencil and now I'm set to explode

Ready to blow up civilians, according to federal polls

You'll have to wait pretty late to hear more of my new stuff

After an ounce of dates and a 40 of Roohafzah

You'll get your 15 minutes when I set up your first and last procession

With a black hearse to rest in if you haven't learned your lesson

Catch my documentary tonight if you still want me to teach you

When Emcees Attack, you've still only just seen the preview

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haha that was whack, wtf is Lupe?

sorry i gotta get some sleep tonight

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never heard of him or his most likely whack album, and yeah thanks for the roohafzah update

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ahaha, ight...

ayo, speaking bout Ali Baba, never, feeling a lot stronger then ever,

staggin up somethin clever, leave ma people in aww...

except mems cant pick up his jaw, like he jus saw pam anderson w/out a bra,

cause this paki thinks that ma pimpin is breaking the law,

then hell man, i know gurls, like you know connections in LAN,

not jus brown, but white, black, yellow and tanned,

coming to me for advice, singin Nas, "i know i can"

me denying you, you going emo, and bombing Iran,

you and your terrorist ways, endangering how this playa plays,

come apologizing and says,"Ali Baba you have outnumbered ma days"

reaching for a high five down low,me slipping back sayin u still to slow,

now stop ruining ma show, so get back to work as Halton's hoe...


momo, u knw i did this one fast, i wanna keep this forum alive, even if i have tocreate gay rhymes...lol...bounce back homie

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sal's post number twenty three was the craziest rhymes i've seen in a very long time..props

and that click click boom line was pretty sick

mems has strength in his content, some of those disses were too good.

i'd post something but i dunno if i can come anywhere near what's been written so far..

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